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February 3, 2016

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January 6, 2016

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November 12, 2015

Does this come as a surprise to anyone? I love numbers… don’t you?


The 3 deadliest drugs are all totally legal.



Mike Eden

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November 6, 2015

This is what makes America great. No f-ing way will I give these folks a nickel of my money.


They sell this country down the road every chance they get and most of the shit they sell is made in China.  They never have enough.



See ya, Mike

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October 27, 2015

I’m sure glad I don’t have these kinds of hobbies,


Anyone else find any irony in this?  Nothing is too good for their employees as long as it’s in the name of God. Karma, anyone?  Enough said.


More later, Mike



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September 20, 2015

If you lean way to the right… Don’t bother reading this. It will just piss you off. Then again… Wouldn’t anything be better than Hillary?


If you believe in God or if you believe in anything…. Please listen to Jim, an evangelical Christian talking about hearing an old, wild-haired Jew speak at Liberty University (Jerry Fallwell will roll over in his grave… though, I think he is still alive).  I found it moving and at my age… I find it hard to be moved. I also recommend reading the comments. This might just be the movement for which I have been waiting. Yes, I was ready for a black man as our president and I happen to think he did a pretty damn good job as well. And I would have voted for Hillary until Bernie came along. It’s like the 2nd coming of George McGovern… Circa 1972… I think that was the year?  I hope Bill Lechnar reads this… he will shit his pants, or choke.  Either way will be fine with me.


Yes, it’s that time again… National elections.  Lots of boring TV ads and Florida will be voting on legalizing medical marijuana, as well.  My Vietnam injury is acting up again.


See you at the dispensary,

Mike Eden

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September 14, 2015


Just like these moms…. I want to know too. REVEAL…


Thanks for listening and thanks for passing this on.  Sometimes a Tootsie Pop just ain’t enough.

Mike Eden

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September 11, 2015

Does this suck…or what?  Just wanted to pass it along.

I’ll be in touch,


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July 21, 2015

Does this burn anyone else’s ass out there? Will Kansas wake up one day and find that they just returned from OZ….. Or under a rock? That governor is a real piece of work. Kansas used to be a prosperous, thriving state and now teachers are leaving it in droves.


Residents could pick up a phone and bitch out their congress person.  You will feel better for it. I’m not trying to put words in your mouth.


Back to the pool for a double and more pondering.


More…. When I wake up.



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June 19, 2015

I can only hope that Karma bites this hypocrite right in the ass. I’m a firm believer that what goes around comes around. Maybe he gets a new unknown affliction…call it Jindalitis?  This could be this clown’s 15 minutes of fame.


I know some will think this is a bit harsh but who reads my blog anyway. If you’re reading my blog you have to be a bit off-center and bless you.  What happened to compassion, forgiveness, love and on and on and on?


See ya,



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