John Frinzi

John Frinzi

Ronny Elliott and lovely new wife, Dawn were down over Fantasy Fest week. Ronny is a great musician and needless to say, we have talked music for years. I never tire of hearing him tell stories about artists that he has performed with or folks in the industry. On this visit Ronny turned me onto an amazing musician, Dan Reeder, who is on John Prine’s label, Oh Boy! Records. Do yourself a favor and check Mr. Reeder out. Just enough profanity to spice things up.

John Frinzi, Jim Morris and Sunny Jim stopped by the Eden House last Friday and Saturday and played during happy hour. WOW! It doesn’t get any better than that. Tom Corcoran slipped in wielding a bottle of wine and his trusty camera. This photo is a result of a good bottle of wine, a steady hand and a pair of aging eyes. Thanks John, Jim, Sunny Jim and Tom. You’re always welcome at the Eden House. Tom just sent me this YouTubevideo – check it out you won’t be disappointed.
While I am rambling I should mention that the Alex Rutledge commemorative room is in operation. It is the apartment that Alex stays in when working on a case in Key West. It over looks Dredgers Lane.

Deb and John Koch were down for the month of January – staying on one of the Torch Keys. Coll and I got together with them a couple times and sure wish they would wipe that ‘shit eatin’ grin off their faces’. I think this is a prelude of what the future holds for these two free spirits.

Terry Davis and Dave (love of Terry’s life) were down over New Years. Terry ran the Eden House back in those insane late 70’s. If you passed through back then you know full well what I am talking ‘bout. What happened in Key West is the 70’s….stayed in the 70’s. Iggy Pop once said, “I don’t do drugs any more but I still think high.