Taking Care of My Dogs



I have been getting lots of comments and inquirers about my ‘moon boots’ lately.  They are actually MBT’s and I get them from footwearetc.com They are amazing for old legs (ankles and feet too) like mine.  If anyone has a pair, don’t throw them away when the soles wear out.  You can get them replaced for $65 (soles and the foam cushion) and they pay for the return shipping.  I have had my oldest pair for two years and got them resoled about six months ago.  They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  Don’t take my word for it, give ’em a try.  Free shipping both ways from footwearetc.com.  So return them if you don’t like them and nothing lost.  I have three pairs and rotate them daily.  I won’t ever wear anything else.  I feel like I am walking on clouds but they take a bit of getting use to.  Oh yea, there is a special break in period. You only wear them for two hours for the first day, four hours the second day and then tighten your seat belt.  They are almost like that pair of new Converse tennis shoes you got each summer when you were a kid.  Remember the ones that were so much faster than the old pair?
My favorite style of BMT’s are the Chapa and they are being phased out and are on sale.  Anyone out there wearing MBT’s?  Drop me a line and let me know what you think.
See ya, Mike