What Is Wrong With This Picture?

What Is Wrong With This Picture?Is anyone else as ticked off with Toyota as I am?  I had a ’79 truck and liked it. I now have a 2006 Avalon and like it too.  Every time I call the dealership and inquire as to when they plan to do the recall on my car, I am told that I will get a letter in the mail.  Supposedly they have fixed the unsold cars on the lot and the rest of the world can wait.  It is just as well, the repaired cars are still whacked.  Sorry for my ranting and raving.  Needless to say, this will be my last Toyota.  My father was a mill wright at Buick for nearly thirty years. I guess it time to give them another try.  Am I the only person pissed off with Toyota?

See ya soon, Mike