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James Luther 'Jim' Dickinson & Alex Chilton

James Luther 'Jim' Dickinson & Alex Chilton

James Luther ‘Jim’ Dickinson and Alex Chilton , two of my favorite music people have recently passed away.  They are right at the top of my fave list, both are from Memphis and are musically linked in more ways than one.

Among James many accomplishments was playing piano on the Rolling Stones’ hit “Wild Horses”, producing numerous artists albums and releasing several solo and group albums himself.  As lead singer for the Box Tops, Alex enjoyed at the age of 16 a number-one international hit, “The Letter.”  He also released a boat load of albums with The Box Tops, Big Star and as a solo artist.  Alex is a bit twisted which is something I look for in an artist.  If you haven’t already noticed this by the music played at the Eden House.

James produced much of Alex’s music over the years and both were a major influence in the Memphis blues arena – the blue eyed blues, that is.  James was 68 and Alex was 59 at the time of their demise.  Doug Sahm and now this – I’m just not sure.  Check ’em out and if you are just a bit off center you will love these guys.  For example, a couple of my favorites of James’ are ‘Free Beer Tomorrow’ and ‘Jungle Jim and the Voodoo Tiger’.  I especially like ‘Set’ and ‘Alex Chilton 1970’, solo Chilton.  Give yourself a treat and as Lou Reed would say, “take a walk on the wildside.”

When times were simpler and the 8 transistor radio ate up the battery in a couple hours.

“Give me a ticket for an airoplane, ain’t got time to take a fast train.  Lonely days are gone, I’m a going home, my baby she wrote me a letter.”
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