‘It Came From Memphis’

'It Came From Memphis'

I’ve only passed through Memphis but the book I’m reading makes me want to head that way and soak up some of their culture (is Bar B-Q culture?).  The Book is ‘It Came From Memphis’ by Robert Gordon.  Here are a couple quotes from the book.  Lash LaRue says in a soft voice, ” I have no home in the universe.  I am hunted by the police of Jupiter and the police of Earth.  My great fear is that they will arrest me at the same moment in each place.  This would be more pain than I could bear.”  Sputnik Monroe, a wrestler from Mobile, Alabama, landed in Memphis in 1957.  He is quoted as saying in the book, “Win if you can, lose if you must, always cheat, and if they take you out, leave tearing down the ring.”  My last quote from this book is by Jim Dickinson.  Jim was a giant in the music industry in Memphis and here is what he said about the music industry.  “Hits are in baseball, singles are in the bars, and your royalty lives in a castle in Europe.”  If you enjoy music, have a bit of an off center nature and enjoy the bizarre then you will love this book.  Anyone out there read ‘It Came From Memphis’?  Any thoughts, opinions or unadulterated babble? I would love to hear from you and you are loved.  Remember Lash LaRue?  This book is about music, music and more music.  your old innkeeper