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Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation

Tips to reduce cell phone radiation

– Give your phone some space. It shouldn’t have been a big shock last week when the World Health Organization categorized cell phones as possible “carcinogenic hazard”. User manuals typically advise against direct contact. Holding a cell phone 2 inches from your ear reduces the radiation “by a factor of four”.

– Get Wired. using a wired earpiece can cut radiation even more. If you’re worried about low-level radiation emitted by the wire itself, minimize it by spending a few bucks on a ferrite choke.  Avoid Bluetooth wireless earpieces, which emit radiation right at the ear.

– Pick your spots. Few people can forswear cell chats all together. But do note that a phone emits more radiation when in motion or receiving a weak signal. Safest, in fact, are calls that you receive outside near a cell tower while standing perfectly still.

P.S. if you know what the hell a ferrite choke is please tell us.

Talk safe my friend……..