No Need To Wash Your Hands Just Your Fruit

No Need To Wash Your Hands Just Your Fruit

Fruits and vegetables, whether from the garden or from the store, may have bacteria and other illness-causing pathogens on their surface. Many stores sell expensive sprays meant to disinfect the produce safely, but you can use plain white vinegar instead. The acids in vinegar kills up to 98 percent of bacteria, according to a test performed by Cook’s Illustrated. Washing the produce properly also prevents the vinegar from leaving behind a sour taste.


Things You’ll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Vegetable brush

1-     Fill a spray bottle with three parts water and one part white distilled vinegar. Combine thoroughly.

2-     Rinse any visible soil off the fruit or vegetable before disinfecting. Use vegetable scrub brush if necessary. Pat dry.

3-     Spray the produce down with the vinegar solution, completely coating it. Allow the vinegar solution to sit on the produce’s skin for one to two minutes.

4-     Rinse the fruit or vegetable under cool, running water to remove any vinegar flavor. Serve immediately.


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P.S.  Do rinse off your cantalope and watermelons lot’s of bug stuff on those


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