So you say you are organic

So you say you are organic

If you eat organic then this smart phone app is for you – Fooducate is the name…quality of food is the game. (Bill Lechnar I don’t want one damn word out of that potty mouth of yours. Just shut your pie hole.) With this app you can scan a bar code or type in a particular product and find out what you have been eating. This is a very good app and you shouldn’t leave home without it. Tell a friend, tell your wife, if you are speaking, tell the world. This is BIG. Don’t pay organic prices and get short changed.

Cornucopia is a great site to educate oneself on organic food and if it is actually organic. Saying it and being it is two different things. Check ’em out once in awhile in between your facebook visits. Make the time.

I’m heading to our happy hour cart and have some of that organic booze. Oops! Just scanned the bar code and there ain’t nothing organic ’bout that stuff. Make mine a double…

Love and miss ya,