Webcam Fiasco

Eden House Webcam

As you might have noticed the Eden House has new cams for the pool and
spa. They are HD and MOST of my guests and I love them. Now for the
bad news. They are not adjustable for wider angle viewing and they take
a poop load more bandwidth. So you say, I should have known. I wish I
had, I probably would have stayed with the old cams. After a couple
months of playing around with them, getting a ‘pipe line’ (more
bandwidth) and re-positing them, they are complete. That said, some of
my more loyal fans/viewers want more view of the spa. I’m sorry but
that ain’t going to happen…I can’t make it happen. I am showing off
the Eden House and not giving an exclusive viewing of the spa….hard as
that may seem.

I hope this doesn’t stop you from returning to the Eden House. The view
of the spa is great from here.

See ya, Mike