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Key West on the Edge: Inventing the Conch Republic

Bob Kerstein’s book, “Key West on the Edge: Inventing the Conch Republic
(Florida History and Culture)”

has finally been released. Bob started writing it about ten years ago
and it was originally going to be about the politics of Key West. One
thing led to the next and BAM! Ten years have blown by and now it is a
book and not just about our political scene. Mark Howell did a review
this past Sunday in the Key West Citizen and called Bob’s book the best
book about Key West since Joy Williams’ book, “The Florida Keys: A
History & Guide Tenth Edition”. Joy’s book was and is a joy, I might
add. I have a copy of, “Key West on the Edge” and plan to read it while
I am vacation this summer. And yes, Key West has always been on the
edge. Bob has spent hundred and hundred of hours in the Key West
library and has interviewed half of Key West, many of which are ‘Conchs’
(born on the island).

I hope you enjoy Bob’s book as much as I plan to.
Mike Eden