Berry Interesting


Berry Interesting

Is this cool or what? Vinegar does it again. Immediately dump your fresh berries in a solution of water and 10% white or apple vinegar. Leave in for a couple minutes then rinse off with clean water or leave on if you don’t smell the vinegar – to your taste. Put the berries in the refrigerator immediately after letting them drain well. Put a double paper towel under the berries and don’t enclose. Berries should last for a week and often up to two weeks.

The water and vinegar solution kills the bacteria on the berries and therefore keeping the berries mold-free longer. The time that the berries remain mold free depends on how fresh or over ripe the berries are when purchased. Let me know what you think or your experience.

If you doubt the old wise one…look it up online. May your berries stay fresh and firm for many moons.

See ya stranger,
Mike (mold free berries) Eden