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August 7, 2013


I want to start by saying, “I’m sorry.”

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The Eden House is going COMPLETELY NON-SMOKING as of January 1, 2014.

We tried only smoking on the sundeck and it just ain’t working.  Guests are complaining that it is starting to stink up there and they can’t go up there to sun bath.  Yep, the poor smoker takes the pipe again, so to speak.  I am so sorry and I hope this doesn’t disrupt your vacation too much.  If you would like to find other lodging I fully understand and we will help you find other lodging and issue you a refund.

Again, I am very sorry for any discomfort that this might have caused you and I hope you can find another place and have a wonderful vacation in Key West.

See you on the flip side,

Mike Eden


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September 9, 2011
 John Frinzi

John Frinzi

John had a break in engagements between Moscow and Paris and found a little time to come play at The Eden House this next November 1st. Or was it Frankenmuth, Michigan and Madison, Wisconsin, I am confused but I know for sure he will be here on November 1st for Happy Hour. Come early stay late you Parrotheads.




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March 11, 2011
Dan & Betsy

Dan & Betsy

I think Otis Redding’s plane went down in the Milwaukee Bay in 1967. If anybody out there knows for sure, please let me know.  I don’t know where this is taking me, but i did want to bring up that we have a guitar for public consumption and as Gina says it’s behind the door in the gift shop.  Guitar Dan (pictured above with blushing bride Betsy) helped us pick out a very fine inexpensive acoustic guitar, of which he cleans and re-strings every year and can be found behind THAT DOOR.

Stay Tuned………


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July 5, 2010

'It Came From Memphis'

I’ve only passed through Memphis but the book I’m reading makes me want to head that way and soak up some of their culture (is Bar B-Q culture?).  The Book is ‘It Came From Memphis’ by Robert Gordon.  Here are a couple quotes from the book.  Lash LaRue says in a soft voice, ” I have no home in the universe.  I am hunted by the police of Jupiter and the police of Earth.  My great fear is that they will arrest me at the same moment in each place.  This would be more pain than I could bear.”  Sputnik Monroe, a wrestler from Mobile, Alabama, landed in Memphis in 1957.  He is quoted as saying in the book, “Win if you can, lose if you must, always cheat, and if they take you out, leave tearing down the ring.”  My last quote from this book is by Jim Dickinson.  Jim was a giant in the music industry in Memphis and here is what he said about the music industry.  “Hits are in baseball, singles are in the bars, and your royalty lives in a castle in Europe.”  If you enjoy music, have a bit of an off center nature and enjoy the bizarre then you will love this book.  Anyone out there read ‘It Came From Memphis’?  Any thoughts, opinions or unadulterated babble? I would love to hear from you and you are loved.  Remember Lash LaRue?  This book is about music, music and more music.  your old innkeeper

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June 28, 2010

Food for Thought

Here are a couple quotes that I would like to share with you.

“Fanaticism consist of redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim.”

George Santayana, quoted in Esquire

“After one look at this planet, any visitor from outer space would say, ‘I want to see the manager’.”

William S. Burroughs quoted in Wired

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein quoted in

Just a little somthing to chew on.

See ya, Mike

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May 18, 2010
Tar Ball Policy

Tar Ball Policy

Will we be called ‘Tar Heel’s now? Just kidding North Carolina. Yes, we’ve had a few tar balls wash up on shore. And we’ve had a couple calls about our Tar Ball Policy and you can imagine where I pulled this one from. After much deliberation here is our policy. If you don’t want to come down due to the tar balls – just give us a call and we’ll put your refund in the mail or issue you a credit. That was simple, wasn’t it?

Key West has never been noted for it’s beaches and the last I went to the beach was about 20 years ago. That said, life on the water is proceeding as usual – sunset sails are still going out, kayak trips happening and fishing has been very good of late. If you planned a trip, if were me, I’d still come and have a great time. No oil on the bar room floors, that is spilt beer.  If you feel a little guilty for enjoying yourself – a donation to one of the many wild life refuge groups would be nice.

See ya at Happy Hour – Mike

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May 7, 2010

Hair Boom

Hair Boom

Now I have heard everything. Send in your tired and weary hair to help clean up the oil slick. That is, for those of you that still have any hair. What I am talking about is collecting HAIR (not scalps) and sending it off to be made into mats to soak up the oil slick. I have heard of using hair cuttings to sprinkle on the garden to keep deer and rabbits away but never this application. This is a no brain-er and even you and I can pull this off.

The group is called ‘Matter Of Trust’ and ‘Natural Surplus’. Bookmark this page and learn how there are many ways that you can make a difference. Money isn’t always the answer.

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

See ya Mike

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May 3, 2010
Angles Nest

Angles Nest

We are pleased to announce the winners of “All Mike’s ex’s live in Texas” drawing. We had the drawing in the dead of the night last evening tada “drum rolllllllllllllll”…………………………

1st Prize “7 day stay” Linda (yes you can take bill) Lengyel & 2nd Prize “4 day stay” Kathy Kirby (the postcard freak from Lancaster PA). Mike’s working on a new brain fart we will keep you posted.

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April 21, 2010


Brady continues to grow and I continue to age.  What gives?  I am getting to there….’Brady Update’.  The Bradster is  17  weeks old  and weighs in at a crisp 14.4  pounds.  He can hold himself up on the  side of the bed – wow!  He is such a joy to behold and he is growing  less alarmed by my voice.  I think Elizabeth and Chris have recorded  my voice, distorted it and are using it as some sort of training  technique for Brady or Ben the dog.  That is what it must be.

Brady is starting to eat the good stuff so hold on to your hat.  Check back for updates, Mike

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April 16, 2010
Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz

Rumor has it that Neal Boortz has been stalking the Eden House spa cam.  I have heard from a reliable source that Neal has been checking out the spa cam while on the air.  My source also tells me that Neal is a Libertarian and from where I set, that ain’t all bad.  Though, I’m not sure I want to see northern California succeed from the Union.  But the upper peninsula of Michigan (my home state) would be another matter.  I hope if any of my guests has been exposing themselves they are younger and better looking than me.  We do need to show our best side here at the Eden House.

Check out Neal weekdays from 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. on AM750 WSB

See ya later, Mike

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