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April 30, 2012

Key West on the Edge: Inventing the Conch Republic

Bob Kerstein’s book, “Key West on the Edge: Inventing the Conch Republic
(Florida History and Culture)”

has finally been released. Bob started writing it about ten years ago
and it was originally going to be about the politics of Key West. One
thing led to the next and BAM! Ten years have blown by and now it is a
book and not just about our political scene. Mark Howell did a review
this past Sunday in the Key West Citizen and called Bob’s book the best
book about Key West since Joy Williams’ book, “The Florida Keys: A
History & Guide Tenth Edition”. Joy’s book was and is a joy, I might
add. I have a copy of, “Key West on the Edge” and plan to read it while
I am vacation this summer. And yes, Key West has always been on the
edge. Bob has spent hundred and hundred of hours in the Key West
library and has interviewed half of Key West, many of which are ‘Conchs’
(born on the island).

I hope you enjoy Bob’s book as much as I plan to.
Mike Eden

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December 16, 2010
Bonnie & Clyde Restaurant

Bonnie & Clyde Restaurant

A little insider info – Bonnie & Clyde Restaurant (their site is a work in progress). These guys are great. I’ve been saying for years, “all Key West needs is some Creole food and the island will be perfect.” Well we have it now and I can’t say enough about the food, the service and the ambiance. Not to mention a full liquor license. The only drawback is that they are located in new town. I know that is a small price to pay for a little bit of heaven. Chef Phillip learned his trade in New Orleans and France and his lovely wife, Patricia picked up her charm in New Orleans. From Gumbo to Jambalaya and everything between is top notch and has been that way the 5 or 6 times I have eaten there. My family and friends will attest and swear under oath if you like? I’m a soup guy and their ’15 bean soup’ is amazing. My last dessert was the coconut and pineapple pie, need I say more? Tell them Mike says hi and be sure to eat slow and savor the flavors. They are located 3800 N. Roosevelt Blvd and are open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 til 9 PM for dinner, lunch from 11 AM til 2 PM 305-293-9500

See ya there


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November 24, 2010

Blond Giraffe

Kermit's Key West

Yep, the Blond Giraffe is leaving our lovely island. They said biz was down over 10% and they are closing all five locations on the island. Yikes! Five locations? The island is 4.5 by 1.5 miles. Not a great business plan, you think? Have no fear, we still have Kermits and he makes a hell of pie. Not to mention the chocolate covered pie on a stick. Kermit is on the corners of Green and Elizabeth Streets. He always had more personality than the Blond Giraffe too. To quote Buffett, “in the tropics they come and they go.” Back to the grind. See ya on the flip side, Mike

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November 19, 2010
Old Town Bakery

Old Town Bakery

Just a block from the Eden House, Old Town Bakery is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Key West lunch spots. I am trying to stay away from the desserts and that is tough there. This is a photo of a lunch a couple of days past. Turkey sandwich on fresh baked dark rye bread, pickle soup (don’t scoff) and a Mexican Coke (bottled in Mexico using cane sugar). A heavenly combination of flavors. The sandwich is top notch but pales in comparison with the pickle soup. Yes, this was my first time to have pickle soup (dill of course- though I had to ask) and it won’t be my last. I love soups! And will have them on a 90 degree day. Pickle soup is up there with Cauliflower as my favorite. If you have never had a Mexican Coke, try one soon. It tastes like soda used to taste before the country went to corn syrup. To me, this is the reason Tootsie Rolls and Three Musketeers don’t taste like they did when I was a kid. No, it’s not that my taste buds are fired and I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 40 years. Sorry for the rambling.

Give Old Town Bakery a try next time you are in town or in the neighborhood. Their specials are on facebook daily. That is if you do that stuff?

See Ya


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November 15, 2010

Hawk Chase Channel

Hawk Chase Channel

Just got word from Alex Rutledge/Tom Corcoran that in his own words has gone over to the other side or digital to be exact. For you kindle-iets ck it out.

Your adoring friend, Mike Eden

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June 25, 2010

Great summer fares

Elizabeth is back in the saddle and this means time for another blog. She just ran across this great deal on flights from Washington, DC to key West round trip. $218 for the flight and with Elizabeth’s special for September how can you go wrong…don’t answer that. Check it out and hope to see you by the pool this summer. Still no oil and counting.


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April 8, 2010
Kicking Back

There have been lots of inquiries ’bout the hammocks and swings lately – probably a spring thing.  The fine folks at the Hammock Company are offering our guests a 20% discount on all their great stuff.  Check them out and when you find what you need/want type in this secret code EDEN20 for your discount.  Just like the old days when the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks was real. Oh yea, don’t get the rope hammocks.  They aren’t nearly as comfortable as the quilted hammocks.  A little inside information – I recommend taking a newspaper or magazine to the hammock with you.  This way you can cover your face and folks won’t catch you asleep with your mouth open.  Just a suggestion. I have been busted by Gena from southwest Michigan for not blogging more…. so hold on to your hat.  I am coming out of my ‘blog closet’ and I am going to be a blogging fool.  Gena you will live to regret this.

Be seeing ya, Mike

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February 15, 2010
Eden House

Eden House

Did anyone check the Farmer’s Almanac?  This poop is for the birds.  I know, here I am whining and you guys are up to your chins in show.  I just feel so bad for our guests – we don’t have any heat. We have bumped the pool up to 89 degrees and the spa to 101 but the guests can only drink so much hot chocolate and booze.  It is starting to feel like The Shining Key West style.  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  I have taken the voodoo doll out of the freezer and have put him in the oven.  Was it Martha and the Vandellas who did ‘Heat Wave’?  The calvary is on the way – but if they don’t get soon, it will be too late. Love, Mike

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August 3, 2009
Konkin' It

Konkin' It

Next time you are on the computer doing nothing, and have tired of listening to my juke box, check out the newest radio station in Key West – Konk AM. This will remind you of the uniqueness of the island. Talk radio with a plethora of characters.

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June 30, 2009

Cool Key West

If you want to know about Key West, this website is the place to go. Visit

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