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Ira Alert


Lots of folks have been asking about ‘the’ Ira.  He is not in jail, he has not passed away and all other rumors have been greatly exaggerated.  Though he did marry a Methodist – what is the world coming to?  Betsey, Ira’s lovely blushing bride, says that she is a non-practicing Methodist.  I think she is a ‘recovering’ Methodist.  Okay, enough about the Methodist.  As you can see from the picture, Ira is doing quite well (dropped a few lbs.) and is living in Maryland.  He recently had surgery and all went well.  Though it did put a crimp in their plans for a trip out west this summer.  For kicks they have been doing every National Park and Civil War battle field they can find.  Ira has that crazy National Parks passport and is always bragging about how many stamps he has in it.  He was the same way with his Olympic buttons several years back.  He’s just a great big kid.  I guess that is why we all love him so much.

If you would like to contact him – drop a line through this post or call him at 555-555-1212 – just kidding about the call.

See ya, Mike

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