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Kicking Back
Kicking Back

There have been lots of inquiries ’bout the hammocks and swings lately – probably a spring thing.  The fine folks at the Hammock Company are offering our guests a 20% discount on all their great stuff.  Check them out and when you find what you need/want type in this secret code EDEN20 for your discount.  Just like the old days when the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks was real. Oh yea, don’t get the rope hammocks.  They aren’t nearly as comfortable as the quilted hammocks.  A little inside information – I recommend taking a newspaper or magazine to the hammock with you.  This way you can cover your face and folks won’t catch you asleep with your mouth open.  Just a suggestion. I have been busted by Gena from southwest Michigan for not blogging more…. so hold on to your hat.  I am coming out of my ‘blog closet’ and I am going to be a blogging fool.  Gena you will live to regret this.

Be seeing ya, Mike

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