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I can only hope that Karma bites this hypocrite right in the ass. I’m a firm believer that what goes around comes around. Maybe he gets a new unknown affliction…call it Jindalitis?  This could be this clown’s 15 minutes of fame.   I know some will think this is a bit harsh but who reads my blog anyway. If you’re reading my blog you have to be a bit off-center and bless you.  What happened […]

Bedside Manor

This is an absolute amazing video, if you get a chance check  it out. It ain’t Blade Runner, growing eyeballs, but it’s still pretty bizarre! See ya on the flip side, Mike Eden  

Don’t put that in your mouth

I had no idea that copper could be so helpful with fighting infections in our hospitals. Plus railings, dishes and so on would last a whole lot longer than the plastic stuff they are using at present. It might cost a little more. Check out the article when you have a minute. Just think….we could all stop washing our hands. Until the next time, Mike

What the frack is going on?

If you are not sure how you feel about fracking or if you don’t fully understand what fracking is check out this lengthy article. I suggest that if you are of sound mind….this shit will depress you. See ya, Mike  

Starbucks Boycott

I’m with you Neal. I’ve eaten my last cup of oatmeal from Starbucks. That’s all I ever get there and that is not often so I can’t imagine Starbucks will give a rat’s butt what I think or do. I do care and I will sleep better at night. I will continue to look for something more positive for my next blog. I could use some help finding this positive stuff…. if you run across […]

This girl should be on our payroll

I want to toot our own horn by sending along a link to this very nice article that mentions the world renowned – Eden House….the Eden House in lovely Key West. Thanks Christie for the nice article…you have such good taste in Key West lodging. See ya, Mike