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Pajama Program

I almost cried when I read this article in “The Week”. Here is the article in it’s entirety.     Genevieve Piturro was volunteering as a reader at a children’s shelter in Harlem when she noticed that many of the young children were forced to sleep in their clothes at night for lack of pajamas. in response, she launched the Pajama Program (, which has given away more than 1 million pajamas and 620,000 bedtime-story […]

This Season To Give Thanks and Help Others

One of the Eden House’s favorite groups to give to each monthly is the Fugees. Take a few minutes and read what they are all about and I am sure you will agree. I read about them in Sports Illustrated several years ago and was bitten. Amazon is donating 6% of what you purchase from Amazon to the Fugees. It doesn’t cost you extra penny to donate – DA. I do lots of my shopping […]