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Like A Feeding Frinzi

The Frinzi returns to Eden House May 1st thru the 5th. John will be down for the Song Writer’s Conference and will be playing during happy hour at Eden House. Ever read Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Campaign Trail ’72’? Hunter describes Hubert Humphrey on TV looking like three hunger crazed iguana at a feeding frenzy. Sorry ’bout that. It’s how the 70’s left some of us. It was a very tough election. Even if you find […]

    Take a few minutes and ck out the video. Good shit mon. Amanda is from the Dresden Dolls…good shit mon….if you’re into that type music? I am. She has a very interesting perspective.   Mike

Frinzi Is Back In Town

John had a break in engagements between Moscow and Paris and found a little time to come play at The Eden House this next November 1st. Or was it Frankenmuth, Michigan and Madison, Wisconsin, I am confused but I know for sure he will be here on November 1st for Happy Hour. Come early stay late you Parrotheads.   Thanks Mike

Music To Our Ears

    Friends walk up to me on the street every day (both of them) and ask, “do you still have that old guitar at the hotel?”  And I always answer the same, “yep.” For those of you that want to visit the Eden House and do a little pickin’ while you are here – we have the answer.  We keep an old acoustic behind the door in the gift shop…so help yourself.  If you […]

Exile On Main St

Post by on May 24, 2010

The Rolling Stones just released some of the songs that ended up on the cutting room floor when they originally released the album in May, 1972. The original album was 18 songs and is to this day is one of my all time favorites chunks of music. Needless to say, the 70’s were a very special time for me – we thought it would never end. I still think it was the all time best […]

You Can’t Leave Now – You Were Just Getting Started

James Luther ‘Jim’ Dickinson and Alex Chilton , two of my favorite music people have recently passed away.  They are right at the top of my fave list, both are from Memphis and are musically linked in more ways than one. Among James many accomplishments was playing piano on the Rolling Stones’ hit “Wild Horses”, producing numerous artists albums and releasing several solo and group albums himself.  As lead singer for the Box Tops, Alex […]

Three Mikes On A Roll

Michael Doucet (of Beausoleil fame) and friend Michael Pillot dropped by this week for a visit and a nice surprise it was.  The Mr. D. & Mr. P. were on the Prairie Home Companion cruise bopping around the Caribbean and had a small layover in Key West.  I hadn’t seen Michael D. since the band stayed with us many years ago.  He broke his leg and is on crutches – though you should have seen him […]

It all comes back to the music

Yep, the music. Walked through the lobby today and caught J.J. Cale’s, ‘Crazy Mama’ from his album/CD, “Naturally” (1971). Does it get any better than that? Moving on to the topic at hand, Paste Magazine. I used to get this magazine in the hard copy and loved it. Now I get it digitally and love it even more. Check out this site for a plethora of music, video and movie information and lots of worthless […]

The Hits Just Keep Comin’

As promised – John Frinzi’s latest CD, “Shoreline”.  John  has just released it and it is a ‘keeper’ (ain’t throwing this one back).  Tom Corcoran co wrote several of the songs, adding to his bag of tricks.  You can listen to the cuts and purchase the disc from CD Baby within the next month (I hope/think). The music sounds like it was wafting through the streets of Key West in the 70″s.  John will be […]

Music From Eden

Post by on May 29, 2009

JD is a DJ on Radio Margaritaville Wednesday through Sunday 1 to 5 PM. A while back JD did a live feed from room 301. Possibly his best show ever. Self centered you say? He also DJs in the Orlando area if you are ever in need of some tunes. Drop me a line and I get in touch with Mr. JD Spradin, the music man.

Save the Music

Post by on May 22, 2009

Yep, more music stuff. The VH1 Save the Music Foundation is an amazing charity. Since 1997, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation has provided $43 million worth of new musical instruments to more than 1,600 public schools in more than 100 cities around the country, impacting the lives of more than 1.2 million public school students.

Hear the Music…?

Post by on May 4, 2009

  Pick up the torch and let’s make a difference. ‘Playing For Change’…… is what I’m talking about. It is so simple, maybe it will work or a start?