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Music To My Ears

John Frinzi, Jim Morris and Sunny Jim stopped by and played a couple happy hours a few weeks past and it don’t get any better than that.  The guests got their socks blown off having had no idea that the happy minstrels were stopping by.  Elizabeth and Brady were swaying to the beat and she said the crowd had a ball.  Well to make a long story short check out the  boys by the pool. […]


Now that the Eden House ‘Regulaaaars’ giveaway has ended, it is time to put the finishing touches on the Texas giveaway. That’s right – for a seven and a four night stays at the beautiful Angel’s Nest. We have gotten some a pretty good response but it could be better. Don’t blame it on the economy – it is just a stamp and postcard. If you win, you can go to the Dr. Pepper bottling […]


Ronny Elliott and lovely new wife, Dawn were down over Fantasy Fest week. Ronny is a great musician and needless to say, we have talked music for years. I never tire of hearing him tell stories about artists that he has performed with or folks in the industry. On this visit Ronny turned me onto an amazing musician, Dan Reeder, who is on John Prine’s label, Oh Boy! Records. Do yourself a favor and check […]


I want to start off by thanking everyone for all the support you have given the people of Haiti. It is hard to believe that Haiti could get any worse off and then BAM! If it weren’t for bad luck the people of Haiti would have no luck at all. I sent some shirts over that were just on the verge of making a come back…in style, that is. They would have been HOT when […]


Pasha is entering her 12th year with Eden House. She is such a special person person and has meant so much to the Eden House and our guests it is hard to put into words. She always seems to to remember when a guest wants an extra pillow or blanket and has it in their room when they arrive. She has been known to go to yard sales and pick up an item or two […]

Help is on the way!

With the weather you guys are getting up there you might be interested in the Verilux Natural Spectrum lamp.  I might add, it has been damn cold here lately too. I have sent one of these lamps to my sister in Michigan, Heather Clark (glass girl working on her Masters Degree in Portland, Oregon) and my daughter when she was in Olympia, Washington.  They work great and you only need an hour or so exposure […]

“Close Cover Before Striking”

Like the book of matches says, “close cover before striking”. Well, “set down before reading.” This article will blow your socks off as well as the doors. Push on through to the other side. Esquire is one of my favorite magazines and the price ain’t bad either – $8 for 12 monthly issues (lots of lists too). December is my favorite issue, which includes the BEST & BRIGHTEST 2009. If you have the time and […]