August 09

Turning Back The Clock

Elizabeth has a great idea – why don’t YOU celebrate our 35th year at the Eden House with us? She has designed a ‘mystery’ T-shirt for the occasion and I don’t have a clue what it looks like. Every time I ask, she just giggles. Everyone who takes advantage of this special gets a shirt whether you want one or not? She also suggested that we ‘turn back the clock’, hence the title. Our celebration will run from the first of September through the 8th of October. I bought the Eden House on October 8, 1975. Whenever you book with us during this time at our off season rates (minimum of two nights and maximum of 5 nights – excluding Labor Day & the Poker Run) you will get an equal number of nights stays at October ’75 rates. That’s right, we are turning back the clock and it is hard for me to even remember that far back. The rates run from $7 to $30 a night. Elizabeth has a special party planned for the Saturday September 13th by the pool. She is a ‘party freak’ so I am sure it will be a good one. She is also having a cook out each Saturday during happy hour with iced cold beer. Go figure. Fred and Laura Moore were just down and overheard Elizabeth talking about her latest ‘brain fart’ and they booked for eight days. They got on the phone and booked flights into Key West from the Midwest roundtrip for $300 (American Airlines) each. The small deluxe for eight days is costing them $700. Yep, eight days including transportation for $1300. Lots of good rates on Jet Blue – many into Ft. Lauderdale for $49 each way. Time to grab a good book and head for the hammocks. Rumor has it that Jack Heller might be heading down to hang with us as we Turn Back The Clock. Jayme that the photo of Hunter S. Thompson, taken by Tom Corcoran, will be there shortly.

Alex Rutledge Rides Again

As Louie L’Amour would say, “we have a few irons in the fire.” Just completed the Alex Rutledge commemorative room. It is apt 303, which is on the second floor of the 300 building. Tom Corcoran tells me that Alex has done some of his best detective work while staying there. It is at the end of Dredgers Lane as everyone knows. We are just wrapping up a major redo of apt 403. Doug has reworked the kitchen cabinets. Tony has touched up the walls, trim and porches (front & back) and a tile guru has retiled the shower. If that is your favorite suite, hang on to your hats. It looks great. Doug is also in the process of redoing the stairway between the main and 500 building. Lately we’ve been getting some needed rain and this has given him time to get lots of art hung throughout the property. I know, it’s about time.

Brother Ben Comes Through Again

Elizabeth’s brother Ben has designed a couple new T-shirts for us and reworked some of the old ones. It has taken us years to get some new shirts and they are on the way. Peter is working on an online store for the Eden House that could be done any day. Darren, Mikey and Teddy from the Marc House are continuing to work miracles around the property. It is beyond words. Daily I ask myself, why weren’t they here years ago. I know it is the old, “woulda, coulda, and shoulda”.

Happy Trails To You

Becca and her fiancé have moved to Tampa and Katie is going back to school in August. Sorry to see you girls go. Please stay in touch.

Over Backwards

Here is the latest piece by Heather Clarke that we are raffling. Also in the raffle are four $250 Eden House gift certificates and two $100 gift certificates for Café Azur. I want to raise $2000 for this piece – one hundred tickets. This piece would sell for $4500 in a gallery. Notice the beautiful cherry wood frame by wood worker extraordinaire Doug Mansur. Tickets are $20 each or six tickets for $100. If you buy a ticket or twenty it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike Eden