October 09

The Construction Zone

Got some new stuff happenin’ at Eden House. If you have been on the spa cam lately, you might have noticed that the spa tile has been replaced. The state mandated that we upgrade our filtration system for the spa so we decided to replace the tile at the same time, since the pumps would be off anyway. Or at least we thought it would be at the same time. One problem after the next and a couple weeks later it was completed. We used a bright white tile with cobalt blue accent. The complaint now is that the spa is too bright on the spa cam. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The parking lot it being bricked and it looks soooooo nice. Should I mention the people doing the work are soooooo slow. The work was to be complete before Azur reopened the first of October. They are wrapping up the job as I write this newsletter entering the second week of October. One would think I would learn, wouldn’t one? Next job, regardless what it is I will have a ‘time and performance’ clause in the contract. This is my 35th year in the business and sometimes I am dumber than a rock. Don’t bother getting back to me about this. If you haven’t heard Neil Young’s 1983 CD, ‘Everybody’s Rockin’ lately, check it out. Very good music and easy on the ears.

Wash Your Hands

The Eden House is using a new product to disinfect our rooms - PureGreen24 This stuff is amazing. It kills every germ or virus that has ever been invented. At least this is how I read it in the New York Times article. After each check-out, the room is thoroughly gone over with PureGreen24. Areas like door knobs, TV controls, light switches and so on. Did I mention that it also kills the H1N1 Flu virus? Staphylococcus aureus too – that’s a mouthful. I know this is a creepy paragraph but I wanted to share this with you.

News Flash!

Here are the latest winners for the ‘Regulaaaars’ Raffle:

Kathy Kirby of Lancaster, PA

Kevin & Missi Aull of Dunedin, FL

Bob & Cathy Kelley of Westfield, MA

Leonard Weatherholtz of Reinholds, PA

This month’s drawing proves that perseverance pays off. Kathy Kirby and the Aulls have sent in nearly a fourth of all the post cards we've received. Way to go guys. And by the way, you can only win once. Keep those cards and letters coming – the squirlier the better. Again, I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed this raffle. Some of the cards have been outrageous and we have gotten a few boring ones too. I use a blindfold when drawing the postcards – totally legit. We plan to wrap up the 'Regulaaaars' Customer Appreciation Raffle drawing sometime after the first of the year.

A Trip to Paradise

Eden House is starting another give away. This one will consist of a two stays at the world famous Angles’ Nest Bed & Breakfast in Weatherford, Texas. A week stay and a four day stay. The Eden House has traded stays with Candice for the past several years and we can’t get over her way this year. Can you help with this dilemma? Send in a post card with all the pertinent personal information with TEXAS STAY at the top in bold print. We will do the drawing on the first of March by the pool. Grouch Marx would say, easy peasy. The Angles’ Nest is a beautiful inn and Candice lays out one heck of a spread for breakfast. Hot Damn, more postcards and the wackier the better. Postcards for the previous drawing are not applicable.

For the Special Ones

A little something for our ‘Regulaaaars’. We are offering you guys 15% off your future reservations with us….excluding Fantasy Fest and New Years Eve. When booking your room with us online go to our online reservation page - click on Book Online and type in the word regulaaaar (exactly as it is written here) in the promotional code box, and have the word ‘daily rate’ highlighted in the drop menu above the promotional code. Even an old fart like me can pull this off. Go ahead and give it a try. If you need help give us a call. This discount cannot be applied with any other discounts or specials. Tripadvisor has us rated as the Top Value in the hotel classification in Key West. Thanks guys.

We have sold just under a third of the raffle tickets for the glass artwork of Heather Clark and gift coupons for the Eden House. We are selling 100 tickets (approx.) and you have better than one chance in 20 to win. Those aren’t bad odds. Going a little slow – I don’t need to tell you why. Click here for details and how to get your winning ticket. I haven’t received Peter Yanotta’s check yet, I am sure it is in the mail.

More Nonsense

I was talking with Ira the other day about the ‘Big Labowski convention’ he had attended the previous weekend. Much to my dismay, he didn’t go. His son-in-law backed out and Ira and I were both bummed. Moving right along, I mentioned Elizabeth (my manager, for those of you who haven’t been for awhile) being pregnant. Ira was shocked and accused me of withholding vital national security information from him. Elizabeth has given me permission to let the cat out of the bag and here is a picture to confirm the rumor. She is 7 months along with a very frisky boy. Chris and Elizabeth are overwhelmed with joy with it being a boy. Ira was telling me about how much weight he had lost and how good he looked. To quote Ira, “you should see me now.” I will leave it at that.

Healthcare Reform

Here’s a little something I found in this November issue of Consumer Report. It is about some of the folks behind some of the ads against health care reform. I am a Consumer Report freak. I check with these guys before I buy everything from tires to toilet paper. Well…..maybe not TP – most everything else. ‘A’ personality, what can I say? I love Consumer Report and I know there are those of you that think they are run by Communists. Sorry guys. At least I am not wasting any paper – just a little of your time.

My Poor Blog

I have been remiss in adding to my blog but you haven’t been helping either. Yea, blame it on someone else. That’s the ticket. Seriously, I would like to hear back from you every so often – you got an opinion? Let’s hear it. No ‘F’ bombs please. If you subscribe to the blog (upper right on the page – right side below the idiot in the bathtub) you can stay updated when more mindless dribble comes down the pike. I’d love to hear from you – Bill & Lisa Kilkelly, Jack Heller, Andy the doctor, Harry the Pontiac, Kevin & Edie Reed and Bill & Rosie to name a few. How are Tom and Kathy Faust doing? I haven’t heard from Buttercup lately either. You still out there girl? Or did you get blown away by Katrina?

Happy Hour

We have missed a few of you Regulaaaars this year and I can fully understand why. Drop a line when you have the time or if you get bored. That’s it at this end. Got to go mix up some of that cheap booze for happy hour. Love and miss ya, Mike