December 2010
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'Tis The Season

xmas tree


Happy Holidays and a buzzed New Year - not just the Eve. Work hard and blow out the pipes when need be - then back to the grind. No, you’re not dreaming. This is the new me. Leaner, meaner and more streamlined. What I am trying to say is that I plan to stop putting off things and no more procrastinating. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions - they never take. At least with me they don’t. I plan to clean my plate and then get to the good stuff. Am I making any sense? This week Elizabeth pulled off the Eden House’s first annual ’decorate the Christmas Tree’. The guests joined the staff and with the help of pizza and beer it was a smashing success and not one bulb was broken. Everyone had a great time and with the help of the heated cider Elizabeth prepared we worked through the cold and did a top notch job. The Chicago crew were amazing, even Ben did his part. Ed, thank the girls for us. HO HO HO

Snowy Key West

Brother Ben Comes Thru Again

Elizabeth’s brother, Ben, did these great shots of the Eden House. A little fairy dust and lots of skill and BAM, Eden House on a snowy day. If you live anywhere near Washington D.C. his services are for sale - check him out. ABC Imaging does it all.

Mike Eating

Lunch by the Pool

Azur has started serving lunch by the pool this past week and I love the menu. From the ’Bay of Pigs’ pork sandwich to the ’Eat Me Wrap’ it is all great food and the prices are good to boot. They have also revamped the café’s dinner menu and have small and larger portions. This should accommodate everyone’s appetite and budget. The ‘hangover helper’ is going over well (hamburger). Just pick up the phone by the pool and your wish is Azur's command. Thanks Michael and Drew (the heart & soul of Azur).


You Say It's Your Birthday

Brady is rapidly approaching his first birthday. I bet you remember your child’s first birthday. Yep, that was a long time ago wasn‘t it? Brady will be 1.0 years old on the 19th of December. My daughter is beyond the ‘morning sickness’ and all is well on the home front. We are all looking forward to mid April. Even the dogs are excited.


It Just Keeps Getting Better

Antonio informed me that he is from Kansas, not Nebraska. How silly of me. They are close though. Our night managers are Michael and Joe and help make up the best staff Eden House has ever had. Thanks guys.

Bonnie Clyde

A Little Piece of Heaven

A little insider info - Bonnie & Clyde Restaurant (their site is a work in progress). These guys are great. I've been saying for years, "all Key West needs is some Cajun food and the island will be perfect." Well we have it now and I can't say enough about the food, the service and the ambiance. Not to mention a full liquor license. The only drawback is that they are located in new town. I know that is a small price to pay for a little bit of heaven. Chef Phillip learned his trade in New Orleans and France and his lovely wife, Patricia picked up her charm in New Orleans. From Gumbo to Jambalaya and everything between is top notch and has been that way the 5 or 6 times I have eaten there. My family and friends will attest and swear under oath if you like? I'm a soup guy and their '15 bean soup' is amazing. My last dessert was the coconut and pineapple pie, need I say more? Tell them Mike says hi and be sure to eat slow and savor the flavors. They are located 3800 N. Roosevelt Blvd and are open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 til 9 PM for dinner, lunch from 11 AM til 2 PM 305-293-9500.

fugees family store

A Few Gees

An organization dear to my heart is the Fugees Family. These fine folks have been on my monthly "send a check" list for several years. Please take a couple minutes a read about all the good they are doing. I first heard about them in a Sports Illustrated article several years back and I was hooked. My reason for bringing the Fugees up is that Amazon is giving them 6% of everything you purchase by going to the Amazon site from the link on the Fugees web site. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon so this a no-brain-er for me.

Low Price

Wipe Off The Drool

Yes, we are coming to the end and I am sure the Novocaine is wearing off. Wipe off the drool and I will be short. This is a new button on our home page - very snappy, isn't it? It guarantees you the best rate that can be found on the internet or anywhere else. It is the "Regulaaaars" rate which is 15% off and this rate can't be beat no matter how far and wide you look. If you book using the word "Regulaaaar" online you are getting the best rate out there and will be entered in Mike's Special.

Old Town Bakery

The End Is In Sight

Now that wasn't so bad, was it? Don't answer that. Keep you mind of that 'lump of coal' you are libel to be getting unless you clean up your act. There is still time for redemption. I hope everyone gets what they want or at least what you deserve and remember it is better to give than receive.

Love ya and see ya soon, Mike & the gang

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