November 2010
VW Bus

"Life's a breeze in the Florida Keys..."


Howdy Stranger

The rumor of my demise has been greatly exaggerated. I’m not sure who said that but it is true in my case. I have just been a lazy sot and neglected my blog and newsletter. I did get away a couple times this summer. We were in Washington, DC for a couple days of 112 heat index. Now that is some heat. The trip up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco was everything I remember from my military days.


Growing Our Own Staff

My eldest daughter is with male child and is due on April 15th. Can you tell I am trying to contain my excitement? Building up to the day. I hope there is no hidden meaning to the projected birth date. Lots of guests have been congratulating me on the birth of my grandchild, Brady. Brady is actually Elizabeth’s (my manager) son. Thanks all the same.


Have I Got A Deal For You

While I am rambling. Do you get as many offers for Viagra as I do in your spam? I get hundreds a day. Would anyone open one of these emails? Let alone buy from these clowns. Oh well, moving right along.

Room 303

Alex Rutledge Slept Here

We have started a couple of new construction projects and have finished a couple. What’s new, huh? We just replaced the decking behind the hammock area. That completes all the decking being replaced on the property within the last couple years. We saved the worse for last and it is now complete. We are just finishing up lighting the parking lot. I think you will be impressed. We have a couple other things in the works but I want to surprise you.

We just finished a complete makeover of the ‘Alex Rutledge’ suit (303). Yes, this is where Alex lived at one time. He can look down on Dredgers Lane from this balcony. We are just completing the outdoor shower on the porch which Alex demanded. He said an outdoor shower is a must. When folks stay in his suit for a week or longer we have a little something special for you. Alex has autographed his latest book and you will be given a copy as long as they last. We have mucho copies and don’t expect to run out for the foreseeable future - al least the next six months. Tom Corcoran and Alex Rutledge send their love.

Our new maintenance men, Antonio and Randy, did the work in Alex’s suit and when you see the place you will see why we are so happy to have them on board. Our maintenance men are still in charge of "maintenance and confusion". Rock on boys! Oh yea and they are from Nebraska and Oklahoma. I just wanted to throw that in.


Help Is On The Way

Stephanie has just joined Gina (our front desk manager) and Ryan to create that great funky front desk energy. I don’t want to jinx things but I think this is my best staff ever. My butt is black and blue from pinching myself. Leon is back from Oshkosh to join Pasha, Patrick and Cindy filling out our "sanitation department".


Let's Do Lunch

Azur will be delivering lunch to the pool area within the next couple weeks. They will be expanding their lunch hours to 11 AM until 3 PM. I don’t have all the details but when word comes down from up top I will let you know on the blog.


Nerd Alert

We have some new guys doing the work on our computers, WiFi, cams, music and web page. They call themselves Personal Nerd and migrated from up New Hampshire way. These guys are nerds in the true sense of the word and I think they often even scare themselves. Check back often and see the improvements.


Mike's Special

I want to remind everyone about next May’s drawing. Everyone who has booked online through our web page will be entered in the drawing (since May 1, 2010 thru April 30, 2011). The prize is first class round trip air fare for two from anywhere in my civilized world (United States - if Canada, we will try to work out something). You will be staying in a deluxe room for five days and I am still putting together the cafes for your complimentary dinners and breakfasts. We are also getting some trips on the water for the winner. I will add links to the cafes and water sport people on our ‘Regulaaaars’ page over the next few months. I’m calling this ‘Mike’s Special’. So what are you waiting for. Ask the kids to show you how to use the computer and book online. There is still lots of time. When you go to the ‘Regulaaaars’ page be sure to check out the ‘Key West Hotel Discount’. Use the code to book online and receive a 15% discount on all our rooms everyday except Fantasy Fest and New Year’s Eve. This will get you the best rate available. No rate anywhere online is less expensive. If you find a better rate, give us a call and we will match it.

Road Runners

Road Runners

The Ragnar Relay Series is coming to the Florida Keys and we are pleased to have several of you folks staying with us after the relay. The relay takes place from Miami through the Florida Keys to Key West this January 7th & 8th. They are sold out and have a waiting list if you are so inclined.

Old Town Bakery

Breakin' Bread

Old Town Bakery is a must and be it good or bad, they are only a short block from the Eden House. They have it all - pastries, breads, sandwiches and a soup of the day. Do yourself a favor and shuffle on over. There is a new café coming across the street from these fine folks and it should be open by season. I think you will be very impressed. I am saying no more about the place until it opens. Like Sergeant Shultz use to say, “I know nut-ting.” Both are on the corner of Eaton and Grinnell Streets.

Thai Life

Dine On The Water

How about Thai food? How about dining at/on a floating Thai restaurant? How about Thai Life Floating Restaurant? Beside great service and food, the ambiance will knock your socks off. Open air dining on the water at its best. If you walk from the Eden House it is no more than half a mile over the Garrison Bight bridge. The walk will help you work off a couple calories. They are located at the Garrison Bight Marina near the intersection of Eaton and Roosevelt Streets.


And The Hits Keep Comin'...

You are probably wondering how we weathered Fantasy Fest? This time of year, Key West becomes a "don’t ask, don’t tell" and a "what happens in Key West, stays in Key West" kind of place. Just kidding, Eden House is a kiss and tell type and pictures are on the way. Keep checking the Photo Gallery. I have been promised by the Nerds that the gallery will be working soon. I know you have heard that for longer than you can remember. Really this time.

Back in the Saddle

I'mmm Back...

Drop a line when you have the time. I am back in the saddle and will stay in closer contact.

See ya soon, Mike and the gang

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