February 2010

The more things change the more they stay the same. Thirty six years and counting. A line from Bob Dylan, "what price do I have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice." I wouldn't have it any other way.....


Pasha is entering her 12th year with Eden House. She is such a special person person and has meant so much to the Eden House and our guests it is hard to put into words. She always seems to to remember when a guest wants an extra pillow or blanket and has it in their room when they arrive. She has been known to go to yard sales and pick up an item or two for a guest's child and have them in a cardboard box when they next return. This is just Pasha . I have been kidding her for years that her English is getting worse. Little does she know, I'm not kidding. She always has a smile on her face and the glass is always half full for her.

Thanks Pasha and here's to the next 12 years.


I want to start off by thanking everyone for all the support you have given the people of Haiti. It is hard to believe that Haiti could get any worse off and then BAM! If it weren't for bad luck the people of Haiti would have no luck at all. I sent some shirts over that were just on the verge of making a come back...in style, that is. They would have been HOT when the sequel to 'Dance Fever' goes into production in 2015. Yep, that's why they were on the first Coast Guard Cutter leaving Key West. I've often heard the line, if you haven't worn it for X amount of months get rid of it. Their time had come.


My daughter Jessica and Tyler Lockwood got married at the Eden House this past December and it was amazing. I couldn't have imagined that it could be so wonderful, cosmic and refreshing all at the same time. It was a year in the planning........that Dylan quote comes back to mind. We're all glad it's over and wouldn't change a thing. Then again, Ernie Banks use to say, "let's play two." It was so much fun that Elizabeth and Jessica are going into the marriage business. The new web site is weddingskeywest.com Yes, another brain fart. Wish us luck. If you or a friend needs any help with a wedding, big or small, check us out.

Brady just turned two months on the young meter. Elizabeth and Chris are on cloud nine. I only hear him cry when he hears my voice. I have a strange affect on adults too.


Ronny Elliott and lovely new wife, Dawn were down over Fantasy Fest week. Ronny is a great musician and needless to say, we have talked music for years. I never tire of hearing him tell stories about artists that he has performed with or folks in the industry. On this visit Ronny turned me onto an amazing musician, Dan Reeder, who is on John Prine’s label, Oh Boy! Records. Do yourself a favor and check Mr. Reeder out. Just enough profanity to spice things up.

John Frinzi, Jim Morris and Sunny Jim stopped by the Eden House last Friday and Saturday and played during happy hour. WOW! It doesn't get any better than that. Tom Corcoran slipped in wielding a bottle of wine and his trusty camera. This photo is a result of a good bottle of wine, a steady hand and a pair of aging eyes. Thanks John, Jim, Sunny Jim and Tom. You're always welcome at the Eden House. Tom just sent me this YouTube video - check it out you won't be disappointed.

While I am rambling I should mention that the Alex Rutledge commemorative room is in operation. It is the apartment that Alex stays in when working on a case in Key West. It over looks Dreggers Lane.

Deb and John Koch were down for the month of January – staying on one of the Torch Keys. Coll and I got together with them a couple times and sure wish they would wipe that ‘shit eatin’ grin off their faces’. I think this is a prelude of what the future holds for these two free spirits.

Terry Davis and Dave (love of Terry’s life) were down over New Years. Terry ran the Eden House back in those insane late 70’s. If you passed through back then you know full well what I am talking ‘bout. What happened in Key West is the 70’s….stayed in the 70’s. Iggy Pop once said, “I don’t do drugs any more but I still think high.


Ambrosia is back and they are better than ever. You might remember them when they were on Virginia St many years ago. They call themselves a sushi restaurant – sake bar. I think they are much more. I especially like the edamame to kick things off. The avocado spring mix salad is delicious, huge to boot not to mention great price. Numerous rolls to choose from but one warning – steer clear of the tempura. Way too greasy for my taste and it was the same when they were on Virginia St. Try the Teriyaki Fish – you can’t go wrong. My favorite desert (perhaps on the entire island) is the Fondants au Chocolat. I’m not going to try to describe it – JUST GET IT! You can thank me later. Patricia will greet you and tell her I said hi. 1401 Simonton St (south) lunch 11:30-2 M-F Dinner 6-10 daily 293-0304

La Creperie Key West, this place rocks! But take my advice and start with the sweets. My favorite this week is the 'fresh pineapple w/coconut and caramel' crepe or is it banana, sugar and key lime w/ gelato. If you are still hungry after your dessert, how about the Norwegian Smoked Salmon w/a light lemon & chives cream sauce - the crepe is made with buckwheat? special omelets daily. My drink of choice is chai tea on ice. Herbal teas, espresso and cappuccino also available. Sandwiches and Panini if you must. Owners Sylvie & Yolande have been selling their wares from a small cart around town for years and now their new location on the corner of Thomas & Petronia Streets (Bahama Village). Tell the ladies I send my love. 7 days a week - 7:30 til 5 PM 300 Petronia 305-517-6799 (Cash Only-ATM coming soon)

El Siboney is the place for Cuban food. The garlic chicken is my choice. Dump the entire bowl of black beans over the yellow (saffron) rice and wave the basket when you want/need more hot overly buttered Cuban bread (baked fresh daily on the island). Split a flan with a Con Leche to seal the deal. In season you better get there early but it is worth wait if you are late. At this location years ago was the Cuban Restaurant called La Lechonera. La Lechonera had printed over the entrance to the dining area, "once on the lips, forever on the hips". That about says it all. El Siboney have just open another location in Marathon. Look for it on your way down. I don't know where it is or the address in Marathon but I have heard it is just as good. Daily 11 til 9:30 PM 900 Catherine Street 305-296-8850

I have taken a couple restaurants off my recommended list. The Good Life on Virginia Street has gone out of business. They'll be missed. Jose's Cantina, on White Street, is still in business but I no longer go there and the less said the better. Can't believe I'm taking the high road. Salsa Loco has moved to the rear of Cowboy Bill's on the corners of Angela & Duval Street. Still good eatin' there.

I'm bringing back Besame Mucho by popular demand. The service has improved greatly - just like in the old days. By this I mean the owners are there. Soy candles, unique jewelry, lots of interesting stuff you won't find any place else and they offer free off street parking. When I use the words unique and interesting I mean it ain't cheap but for that special person you can't go wrong - good value. Mon - Sat 10 10 til 6 PM Sunday 10 til 4 PM 315 Petronia Street 305-294-1928


All good things must come to an end. Who said that and why? Oh well, moving along. This is the last drawing for the ‘Regulaaaars’ giveaway. This has been lots of fun us and I hope you guys have enjoyed it as well. The winners are:

Staci Ray of Davenport, FL
Kim M. Holly of West Hollywood, CA
Tara Harris of Virginia Beach, VA
Gail Fry of South Pasadena, FL
Sorry if I didn't draw your name. You are all winners with me.
You can be pretty whacked when you want to be. Like the postcard with the topless lady on the Harley. Thank goodness that the eyes were covered. Now, that is my kind of postcard!


Now that the Eden House 'Regulaaaars' giveaway has ended, it is time to put the finishing touches on the Texas giveaway. That's right - for a seven and a four night stays at the beautiful Angel's Nest. We have gotten some a pretty good response but it could be better. Don’t blame it on the economy – it is just a stamp and postcard. If you win, you can go to the Dr. Pepper bottling plant in Dublin, Texas where they still use pure cane sugar in their Dr. Pepper. The taste is amazing - cane sugar really makes a difference. To us Dr. Pepper freaks it is like a fine brandy. The plant bottles on Wednesdays and they have a very good deli on site. If you can't make it to Weatherford (just outside Dallas/Ft. Worth) you can pass your stay along to a friend. Would this be called re gifting? We'll have the drawing in March. Yes, your stay can be broken up into a couple stays or split up between a couple couples if you like. Candice will make it happen and she lays out one mean breakfasts. Put your info on as a strange post card and we will do the rest.

Heather’s going away to college raffle is over halfway there. If you have been dragging your feet – STOP IT! Help me put this puppy to bed, I need to clear space in the attic. I have been sending Heather the checks as they have been coming in and it has been a great help. Last summer’s special went so well we are bringing back. We’re calling it Elizabeth's September Special. Kinda catchy isn't it? We are changing the format this time around because everyone was confused last year, epically the staff. That goes without saying, doesn’t it? Here’s the deal – stay with us from September 1st-October 8th a minimum of four days (no maximum days) and get equal number of days at 50% off. No brainer, huh? We say that now. On Saturdays we have our regular happy hour plus hors d' oeuvres, so get ready to mingle. This special can be applied to ‘Biker Weekend’ & Labor Day weekend but not with other specials.

Give us a call 800-533-5397 (KEYS) or drop us an email at info@edenhouse.com and check for availability. Don't delay!


Can you guys help me out on this one? As you know, Elizabeth turned the Eden House into a green property over the past couple years. This has been a lot of work on her part. Glee, which stands for "Green Living and Energy Education" is having a 'vote for your favorite nominee in the business category". Elizabeth really wants the recognition for her efforts, especially since I never compliment her. She told me if I didn't ask for your votes she would break my knee caps. So please give us your vote even though the knee caps ain't what they use to be anyway. Place your vote here.


The Eden House online store is up and running. Who would have thunk it? We are starting to go back and reproduce t-shirts from thirty years ago. I have been planning to do this for the past decade. My how time slips away. Also working on getting copies of some photos of the property taken during the filming of Criss Cross. Henrietta's world famous Coconut Strips, regular and key lime, will also be available. My mouth is starting to water as I write this. Elizabeth keeps telling me if I would do these letters more often they would be much shorter. I think she means they would be much more interesting. Sorry to take up so much of your time if you have bothered to read this infomercial.


The more things change the more they stay the same. Thirty six years and counting. A line from Bob Dylan, "what price do I have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice." I wouldn't have it any other way.....

Stay in touch....you know we will, Mike and the gang.

PS Am I being a bit harsh or not taking my replies to tripadvisor seriously enough?