March 2010

"Imagine all the heart aches and tears of 36 years of beers"

Another Fish Story

How about a short newsletter? "Now that is what I’m talking about", as Elizabeth would say. A fish story? Jack Heller and Kevin Reed (the girls stayed home) went fishing two days on their latest trip to the ‘rock’ and they caught more fish than they could eat. The boys had Azur cook up the fish and it sure made their trip. Happy hour and some of the local bars probably helped a little. They even had enough fish to give Pasha a bag of fillets. Speaking of Pasha, I just found out that she is taking French. Not! I for one have given up on her ever learning English. Maybe French would be the answer? Guitar Dan will be down at the end of April for the Key West Songwriter’s Festival. Dan cleans and re-strings the house guitar and does a little picking and singing at happy hour when he is down. Hope the Killians like the new T-shirts. We missed you this winter. Thanks Pasha and here's to the next 12 years.

The Boys In The Band

I got a surprise visit from Michael Doucet, of Beausoleil fame, and a friend of his this past week. He was on the Prairie Home Companion cruise hopping around the Caribbean with his agent/old friend, Michael Pillot. They had a short layover in Key West so we did a little catching up and hit El Siboney for some white bean soup and Cuban mixes. If you have never tried Cuban food you don’t know what you’re missing. Growing up in Michigan it was meat and potatoes and an occasional casserole. El Siboney has some of the best Cuban food on the island. Try their garlic chicken and they have a different home made bean soup daily. Mr. D. has a broken leg due to falling on ice in Maine – don’t even ask. Yep, this is the man in the ‘sand wheelchair’ in Marathon, FL last month at a charity event. Check out Beausoleil’s latest CD, ‘Alligator Purse’. This is one of my favorite CD of theirs – after ‘Bayou Cadillac’. I bought ‘Bayou Cadillac’ when Coll and I saw them in Key West about twenty years ago. The first CD by a group is kinda like the first girlfriend - special. I love covers and ‘Alligator Purse’ has several. If you prefer, you can go to and download the MP3’s – save a few dollars and have it instantly.

Brady Update

The Bradster is thirteen weeks old and his personality is really coming on. He is focusing on colors and moving objects and is smiling at smiles. Elizabeth and Chris are really getting into parenthood. Brady might be hitting the baby food in the near future. He’s eating like a horse and we think he might be teething.

The One Calorie Wonder

I am pleased to announce that the Eden House is Key West’s lone distribution center for Henrietta’s world famous coconut strips – regular and key lime. Henrietta can often be seen on the Paula Deen’s TV show (reruns) making her pecan, coconut and ginger paddies. Her coconut strips can be purchased at the Eden House and (coming soon) on our online store. They are absolutely amazing and very addictive.

Regulaaars Appreciation Raffle Kaput!

As you have probably figured out we have wrapped up the ‘Regulaaaars Appreciation Raffle’. Yes, you are appreciated. We are now getting ready to do the drawing (send your postcard with your info) for our raffle of a seven-day and a four-day stay at the Angel’s Nest Bed & Breakfast in Weatherford, Texas. The family and I stayed with Candice a few years back and loved it. Weatherford is close to Fort Worth and there are lots to see and do there but my first choice would be Angelo’s Bar B Q. You can’t begin to imagine how tender and tasty their beef is (chunks or strips). After eating I would head to the museums. My favorites are the stockyard Museum, the Sid Richardson Museum (also known as the bachelor billionaire free museum) and the Modern Art Museum. Also a must would be the National Cowgirl Hall Museum and Hall of Fame. Then back to Angelo’s. Yes, I am big into westerns. I am just finishing watching the fourth and last season (on DVD) of ‘Have Gun Will Travel’. There were seven seasons and I am hoping the last three seasons are out in DVD in the not too distant future. You kids won’t know what I am talking about but some of the old farts might. Next on my to do list is ‘Wanted Dean or Alive’ with Steve McQueen. Life’s simple pleasures.

Better to Be Lucky than Good

We are also putting the finishing touches on the Heather Clark (gets an education) Raffle. Heather is finishing up her first year of school towards her Master’s Degree and she has a 3.69 GPA. Yes, our Heather. I think she is a bit surprised herself. We have thirty-six tickets to sell and this puppy is put to bed. Don’t forget, also included in the raffle are four $250 gift certificates for the Eden House. Let me break it down for ya. One chance in twenty and you ain’t never going to get these odds again.

I Love Milk Duds

The hotel has a couple memberships (four people) to the Tropic Theater on Eaton Street. This will save you $3.50 off a $9.50 ticket. Ask at the desk. The Tropic was just voted the nicest theater in Florida and the best popcorn in south Florida or the other way around. Grab an ice cold beer or glass of wine and season your popcorn to taste. I prefer the white cheddar and dill. If no one is looking...I buy some Good and Plenty or Milk Duds. Great sound system and reclining seats. Save few bucks and support a great local theater.

And The Hits Just Keep Comin'

Jenna has whipped up some new SPECIALS and we hope there is something in there that hits your hot button. Keep in mind no animals were hurt in this process. Though a couple of the staff are a bit worse for the wear. What in the hell is he talking about you ask? There are clues spread throughout this newsletter. Keep reading!

Jenna also had this brain fart. Why not thank you for referring folks to us. Here's how it works. At the time a guest books a reservation with us be sure to have them give us the name of the person that referred them. You and them will receive $25 in Eden bucks. They can be redeemed for your next stay or at our gift shop. Wow, my face on a dollar bill. Maybe Mt. Rushmore next? Na, more like on the wall of the post office.

Get Off My Back

I have been trying to keep Elizabeth off my back by keeping up on the blog. I know there is no rhyme or reason for most of what is there but that is how my mind works. I blame it on an old war injury or experimentation in the seventies. Between these two excuses, it keeps the bar so low that even I can get over it and sometimes crawl under it. If you want to keep posted on my latest ‘brain fart’ subscribe here.

10,000 Words Later

Well, I promised to keep it short and I am a man of my word. If you have any mind left after this newsletter and if you would like to share it with me go directly to the source I would love to hear from you and if I am on my computer the staff thinks I'm working.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

See ya, Mike