May 2010

Never Have So Few, Done So Much, With So Little....
We Are Now Qualified To Do Anything With Nothing
(what in the hell is he talking about now? my D.I. knows)

Tar Balls Update

Will we be called 'Tar Heels' now? Just kidding, North Carolina. Yes, we've had a few tar balls wash up on shore but they came from a near by tanker. And we've had a couple calls about our Tar Ball Policy and you can imagine where I pulled this one from. After much deliberation here is our policy. If you don't want to come down due to the tar balls or the fear of tar balls - just give us a call and we'll put your refund in the mail or issue you a credit. That was simple, wasn't it?

Key West has never been noted for it's beaches and I last went to the beach about 20 years ago. That said, life on the water is proceeding as usual - sunset sails are going out, kayak trips happening and fishing has been very good of late. If you planned a trip, if it were me, I'd still come down and have a great time. No oil on the bar room floors, that is spilt beer. I did just cancel my BP credit card. From what I understand all the BP gas stations are privately owned. BP was making money by me using their credit card...not anymore they aren't. This is a tragedy that the world will live with long after I'm gone. I just wish there was an 'easy' button for it.

Double Helix

Lately we've had a few inquiries about our helix over the spa, here is where we got it about 15 years ago. They have a couple smaller pieces that would look great over your bed or in the back yard and they are reasonably priced. The high dollar pieces are jaw dropping and their web site is well worth the visit.

Howe Art is located on 9 acres 1/4 miles west of Eastsound, Washington, U.S.A. on Orcas Island. It's distinguishing landmarks are 5 large kinetic sculptures hanging from the trees adjacent to main road into Eastsound (Orcas Rd) and a small sign that says "Gallery". It is run by Anthony Howe, (the artist) and his wife Lynne.

Conch House, Conch Shell

We are in the process of redoing the lower unit of the Conch House. This won't mean much except to those that prefer this space. For those of you that stay there I think we are going to blow your socks off. New tile throughout, completely repainted and a new stove, dryer and dishwasher. We're also repainting the the deck area in back by the spa and we are putting a face lift on the grill area. The work will be complete before the end of May and ready for that new Speed-o you just bought.

Houston, we have a winner

We had our drawing for the week and the four night stay at the Angle's Nest B & B Kathy Kirby won the four nights stay and Linda & Bill Lengyel won the week long stay. The only problem seems to be if Linda is taking Bill or Edie Reed on the trip. I will keep you informed. Bill you could always come to Key West and go fishing with Kevin, Edie's lesser half.

P Lot Funk

I am so proud of our new parking lot since we put down the paving stones. Now the only problem is that it looks so nice that I want to light it. One project leads to another project. I have some great lights in mind and I am sure that you will like them. It might make us look a little too nice though. There is a fine line we walk at the Eden House. Nice but not too nice. I like the P Lot even more after seeing Rob O'Neal's photo - isn't this guy amazing? He can bring bricks to life.

Better to Be Lucky than Good

Hot damn! Eden House finally has done the drawing for Heather's masterpiece, 'Over Backwards'. The winner of Heather's piece is the Plyer family, we'll be in touch. The winners of the Eden House $250 gift certificates are - Suzi Young, Amy Mueller, Keith Christie & Erin Medina. Here is a picture of Heather in a parade at Portland State University. That brings to mind the book and the movie, 'The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo'. I highly recommend both. Yes, Heather is the dragon in a custom she made for a class and she got an 'A' for her work. Heather will be moving to Hawaii in the summer (University of Hawaii) to complete her Master's Degree. She is carrying a 3.8 overall GPA and has a 4.0 GPA this term.

Elizabeth's Summer Special

Elizabeth's Summer Special is booking up quickly. What's so special about it you ask? Here’s the deal – stay with us from September 1st-October 8th a minimum of four days (no maximum days) at the non-discounted rate and get equal number of days at 50% off. Call us up to make your reservation!

Mike's Special

I have a new happening of my own that I am quite proud of it. I'm calling it Mike's Special (link from 'Regulaaaars' page too - short paragraph under heading - Mike's Special) - pretty original, huh? Here's the deal. Everyone who books online from May 1st, 2010 through April 30, 2011, will automatically be entered for the drawing in Mike's Special. The one and only prize will be a weeks stay at the Eden House in a deluxe room (off season) with all the fixings (bicycles, champagne and glasses, hats or visors, towels and robes). Oh yea, the two of you will be flying first class round trip from anywhere in the continental United States where American Airlines flies out of to Key West. I am going to put the squeeze on some of my favorite places to eat and I hope to have several dinners lined up for you as well as some lunches and breakfasts. You'll also be going out on the water a couple times while you are here - if you like, that is. I will keep you posted on Mike's Special page as to what is included in the fixings. The reason for the my special is to get the old farts (like myself) to use our online booking system. When making you reservations with us online (booking engines do not count), I expect you to take advantage of our 15% 'regulaaaars' discount. When you book online, our job is a lot easier and with a little practice, you might grow to like the experience. Feel free to call for information and or assistance. When you book online my front desk has more time to help our guests or catch up on their beauty rest.

Get Off My Back

Thought you might like to know - Brady is now driving and is starting to shave. Na, but close. The teeth (and drool) are coming and he's eating cereals and strained stuff. Walking and potty training is just around the corner. He's quite the lady's man - the Bradster.

And I'm out of here