December 2012


Be you Catholic, Hindu or Jew we are all in the stew.......


Help Is On The Way

xmas tree

December will bring our tree-trimming party and the holiday lights trolley ride. Eden House staff and guests will be decorating our Christmas tree on the 15th (please join us), Elizabeth is keeping secret about what refreshments she will be serving. I am sure she will have her hot spiced cider. The holiday lights trolley ride will be on December 21st. Please R.S.V.P. if you can join us. Eats and drinks will commence at 6:30 PM and the trolley blasts off at 7:30. Caroling is optional but Elizabeth strongly encourages it.

Mary Beth had a brain fart and I like it. Over the month of December, guests that so choose can decorate the door of their room. We will take pictures of them and pick first, second and third place winners. First place will be 10,000 points on your reward's card. Second place will be a pair of Eden House waffle bath robes. And last and least, third place will be $25 in Eden bucks. We have a couple requests. First, is that you only use BLUE painter’s tape,  to create your masterpiece. If you use anything else to assemble your masterpiece, you will automatically be eliminated. Sorry, only BLUE painter’s tape insures the door will not be damaged. Secondly, we ask that you inform the front desk when you are through creating so we can come ‘round and take a picture. In January, we will announce the winners along with their pictures in January newsletter. Good luck! If our guests enjoy themselves as much as I think they will I could see us doing this other times of the year…Fantasy Fest would be a great one.


Trick Or Treat

race to fish
Fantasy Fest was especially good this year. Perhaps the five thousand jell-o shots had something to with that? Elizabeth and the staff put together a small float for the Saturday night parade which was also a big hit. A butt-load of zombies, lots of beads, jell-o shots and a keg were partially responsible for the level of revelry. Thanks Eloise for turning everyone into great zombies. The staff and guests are planning for next year already… "bigger and better" is the mantra. I had a special limited edition condom made for the occasion and Elizabeth said it was disgusting… another home run for me. Elizabeth is my reverse barometer when making some of these decisions and she always distances herself from them. Understandable.


Who Is That Masked Man

Face the Music

Kevin has been anointed Kevin ‘til eleven’ by some of the guests. When he walks guests through the property he says, “I’m here til eleven.” Kevin’s favorite was when a guest recently called him ‘Kevlar’ Kevin. I think we will stick with Kevin ‘til eleven’.
Changing of the guard. Sam will be leaving us in December to go back to FSU for her senior year and get her BA in Hospitality. We're hoping Sam will come back someday... she will be greatly missed. Laura will be retiring from the Illinois State Troopers and returning to work at the Eden House in January. She's bringing her, hubby Fred, their dog Harley and the Harley.

You Cant Cheat An Honest man

Phase II of Elizabeth’s September 2013 special is now underway. Eden House sold out 200 room nights for $99 in less than a week. Phase II is 100 room nights for $129.99. Thirty day cancellation is all we ask. Give us a call and we will see you next September.

September Special Phase II


Keep 'Em Coming

Mike Special

The staff and I are having a great time with “Mike’s Weird Post Card Drawing” or “Weird Mike’s Post Card Drawing”. These post cards are over the top – much crazier than even I could have expected. November and December’s winners are Elaina Burdick and Colleen Schilinski.  Again, enter as often as you like and you can only win once. Keep those P cards coming – give us your best shot – we can take it. Oh yea, I have gotten a few cards with no way of contacting you… really?

Info on Mike's Weird Drawing


A Little Relief From The Reef

Key West

The Eden House will donate 5% of our November deposits to the Hurricane Sandy (the bitch) Relief Fund. Thanks for making it a good month for us. Several of our guests were hurt in one way or another and our prayers are with you.


 Just Another Sad Love Song

fugees family store
Always time for a little music. I've rediscovered Andre Williams and I just love this guy. His voice, his attitude and most of all it's the blues.
I recently purchased his new release "Night & Day" by Andre Williams & Sadies. I just stumbled onto Emile Autumn and her new release, "Opheliac". This CD is very unique and I'm finding that I enjoy it more with every listen.
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