October 2012


Sometimes Your Mind Just Goes Blank......


Is It Getting Hot In Here?

funny sauna pic

Our new dry heat sauna is up and running thanks to Brandon and Ryan. It is redwood and can accommodate up to four people at a time. We are hoping to host the World Sauna Championships next year. The next project is to put an outdoor shower or two on the property since the one in suite 303, the Alex Rutledge Room has been such a hit with the guests who've stayed there.

Elizabeth has something special for next September. She is pre-selling 200 room nights for $99 a night. You can book any room from Semi-Private up to Large Deluxe. Reserve now and save a chunk next September. We do require a 30 day cancellation. Special excludes holidays and special events.


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

race to fish
We will be decorating our Christmas tree on December 15th and would love for you to join us. Snacks and firewater will be served. No empty beer cans or condoms this year please. The Howards will be down this year and yes, they will be signing autographs. It's been years since their kids, Sarah and Joel have been here and now they are of drinking age. 'Duval Crawl' anyone?


Buckle Up

Face the Music

The Conch Train Christmas Lights tour will be leaving from the Eden House on December 21st at 7:30 PM. We will be touring the Island to see  the lights and do some caroling. Spiked punch and snacks will be served in the lobby starting at 6:30 and I hope our guests will join me and the staff. Please R.S.V.P and a note from your parents (or children) is not necessary. We have to reserve the trains in advance. Last year we took the trolley, this year it will be a Conch Train.

Take A Number Please

The Eden House wedding site will be up, running and ready for business by the time you get this newsletter. Mary Beth is our new wedding coordinator and I will continue to handle the divorces. I am yet to do a divorce but I think the Eden House should be full service and I drew the shortest twig. Mary Beth is the ‘pro from Dover’ to quote Hawkeye Pearce. She has several years of experience with weddings here in Key West and she didn’t get where she is by luck ... She's good. If you or a friend (or you and a friend) are thinking of taking the plunge, check out the Eden House wedding page and if we can be of any assistance give Mary Beth a call. Nathan and Sky were down this past Memorial Day weekend and had their wedding ceremony here at the Eden House. Congratulations guys!


Time to Retire

Mike Special

 Several of our ‘Regulaaaars’ have mentioned getting close to retiring and thinking about staying down for an extended period in the future. Well I have a solution for you. We have an apartment for long term stays. The apartment is within two blocks of the Eden House. It sleeps four (6 in a pinch), is turn-key with bicycles and comes with use of the Eden House property. Email Elizabeth directly at Elizabeth @ EdenHouse.com and she can give you all the details. The longer you stay, the better the deal. You won’t believe how reasonable the rate is for extended stays. This is an actual picture of the apartment and the scale is 1/15th" equals a foot.


Imagine All The Heartaches And Tears And 26 Years Of Beers

Key West

Bob Kerstein has released his latest book “Key West on the Edge: Inventing the Conch Republic" (Florida History and Culture). Bob has been a guest at The Eden House for the past ten or twelve years and has been working on this book for the better part of this time. Bob’s book gives an insight as to where and how Key West’s funk came to be. I am thoroughly enjoying the book. Every page has another tidbits about Key West’s history and how the evolution of our amazing city started. Mark Howell said in Solaris Hill it is the best book about Key West since Joy Williams’, The Florida Keys: A History & Guide TenthEdition Edition. Key West on the Edge is available in hardback and on Kindle.

Tom Corcoran released his new book, The Quick Adios (Times Six). I haven’t read it yet but I know for a fact that Alex Rutledge always gets his man. It was published in May of this year and is only available in hardback or on Kindle, of course.

John Frinzi released a new CD last November, "Songs for Evening's Sake". It’s acoustic and very good. John has stopped by a couple
times and played by the pool over the last several months. If you ever
get a chance to see him live, do it. He has a nice connection with the
audience. Last time down on his second night playing by the pool he had
a few toddies and it was great. The guests loved him.


Small Town Lad Makes It Big

fugees family store

RJ released his new CD in the spring "Dreams That Rhyme". It’s country but has a little something for those of us with varied tastes. I’m enjoying it, as are the folks around the pool. Steve teamed up with RJ in February and they wrote a couple more tunes. Steve and his brother, Simon, are in the band Sadie and the Hotheads with Elizabeth McGovern. You might recognize that name, she stars in the new smash hit on PBS, Downton Abbey. Sadie and the Hotheads played the Isle of Wight this past June. If things keep moving forward for the band, Steve might have to quit his day job. Good luck RJ and Steve with where the winds take you this next year. RJ and his lovely wife will be leaving the Bay area and heading to the enchanted state. Ch, ch, ch changes…



like my nose

The staff and I are lovin’ the postcards and here is this month’s winners are - Jason Shultz (see card below) and Tasha Fabela-Jonas (see card on the right) . It is no wonder Jason was one of the winners, he sent in a boat load of cards. Keep in mind that you can send in as many postcards as you like but can only win once and you‘re done. Keep those cards comin’. A drawing each month for a year.



Just A Little Off Key

Listen to Music

What have I been listening to? Good question. I have been listening to two of my favorite compilations, "Songs of Jimmie Rodgers:A Tribute"  (used on Amazon for $3.59) and "Roy Rogers Tribute" (used on Amazon for $5.61). I love covers and often compilations are weak at best, but not these . Check 'em out when you have time and they do fall in the cowboy & country genre but man can't live by the weird alone. Speaking of weird, I always come back to the group I Monster and if they came close to having a hit song it would have to be "A Sucker For Your Sound". They have an EP called "A Sucker For Your Sound". Yep, six remixes of the song. Did I mention that I'm into remixes? In itunes their music is listed as Electronica/Dance and Alternative - you be the judge. 


                                                              Peace, Mike & Staff
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