August 2012


Checking Your Pulse


False Alarm - Boy Were We Lucky

xmas tree

Hope everyone is feeling fine and doing well. We are all fine at this end of Hwy.1. I'll try to catch you up real fast and then get out of your hair.

Isaac was a true prince, for a tropical storm that is. Not too much rain, pretty breezy and he really cleaned out the dead branches from the trees. (Note Southernmost bouy covered in plastic - Key West's very own condom)
Michael and Drew will be shutting down Azur for the month of September to recharge their batteries. I hope they burn a few brain cells in the process.


And The Move Is On

race to fish
Bill and Linda have moved full time to North Carolina from Dayton. A no brainer, huh? Though Randy Newman makes it sound real nice in his song, 'Dayton, Ohio.' Anyone hear how Jack H. is doing? The rumor that Cheech and Timmy Turtle have exchanged bodies (like in the movies) is totally false. Ira and Betsey are rumored to be coming to Key West in January. We will see. Jim and Jan (Louisville) were just down celebrating their 3rd or 30th anniversary, or was it their 15th?


Care Bears That Care

Face the Music

We have a lot of new faces on the staff so I’ll give you a complete rundown. First of all we have Randy, the teacher's pet. Samantha and Mary Beth, the new girls in school. Kevin, the happy hour guru - he liked staying here so much that he moved to Key West and  started working for us! Doug and Zero (yes "Zero") are our new overnight security keeping law and order in the wild, wild [Key] West at the Eden House. Rosemary is our newest face in the sanitation engineering department. Patrick, Leon, Jen and Bridget are still keeping the house spotless. Brandon, Doug and Ian are still tearing it up in maintenance. And of course, our prom king and queen, Ryan and Elizabeth. Yeaaa Team!

Bornnnnn....On The 4th Of July!!!

I know I’ve said this before but I do think this is the best staff we have ever had. Plus, Laura is supposed to be coming back the first of the year. Yes, she is bringing Fred and their dog, Harley with her.
IIlianne had her son on July 4th (can't you hear Springsteen), Alex Garcia weighing in at 7 lbs. 9 ozs. and was 20.5 inches in length. Congrats Illianne!

Have I Got A Deal For You?

Mike Special

We have a new special called Sail Away September. You can get 25% off of any stay over 3 nights in a Small Deluxe room or larger (30% off of a 7 night stay)! Our Labor Day Barbeque will be the 17th annual or is it the 6th? I can make up dates like this because we have been here so long and who would be the wiser?
Several of our ‘Regulaaaars’ have mentioned getting close to retiring and thinking about staying down for an extended period in the future. Well I have a solution for you. We have an apartment for long term stays. The apartment is within two blocks of the Eden House. It sleeps four (6 in a pinch), is turn-key with bicycles and comes with use of the Eden House property. Call Elizabeth on her direct line 305-296-6868 ext.103 and she can give you all the details. The longer you stay the better the deal. You won’t believe how reasonable the rate is for extended stays.


When The Going Get's Tough, The Weird Turn Pro

key west tp

It’s about time for me to give away some free stays at the Eden House. Four days and three nights in a deluxe room and all you have to do is send a silly, off the wall, funny or just plain weird postcard with your name and contact info. I will be drawing a postcard each month for the next 12 months. I will be blind folded and the postcards will be drawn at random. The only catch is that the postcards can’t be plain and I get to decide if they are plain and if they are I will throw them in the recycle bin with the junk mail and daily catalogs. If you win, you can re-gift your free stay or the stay can be extended (additional charges will apply). The free stay is for the off-season in a deluxe room and includes bicycles for you and your guest (restrictions are: no holidays, special events and you must call for availability and you can only win once). Is this a no brainer or what? Get those postcards in the mail pronto! I will post some of my faves on our web page.


First Date

fugees family store

This year's Poker Run weekend is the weekend of September 14th and 15th. The parking lot will be exclusively motorcycles this year. No cars, trucks or trailers. Sorry, but we have had issues with this in the past and to avoid any hard feelings, this is how it will be handled from now on.

Women's week is the week of September 4th through the 9th. Please join us for breakfast by the pool on Saturday the 8th.
Fantasy Fest – Friday, October 26th, The Masquerade parade that runs by the Eden House will take place around 6 PM as usual and we will be doing jell-o shots again. We went through about 5,000 shots last year and that seemed about the right number. Eden House will be entering SOMETHING in this year's Fantasy Fest parade and we will have room for some of our guests if you would like to tag along. Just shoot an email to to let her know that you would like to participate. There is limited space and it is first come, first serve so let us know ASAP. The theme for our entry will be 'Eden House of 1000 Corpses' with Adam and Eve zombies. The attire is self explanatory.


You Talking To Me?

like my nose

Just a quick note about review websites. We've had a recent incident with some loud and uncooperative guests going online to write multiple poor reviews about us. One specifically called me "psychotic and egotistical" I'll give him egotistical, but psychotic? How does he know? I was 3000 miles away when he stayed here! Websites like this can be a great help to travelers but it is a shame that a few bad apples can use them just to hurt a business on a personal level. Take these poor reviews with a grain of salt. If a business has hundreds of great reviews and a few poor ones, chances are it wasn't the business that had a problem. People will always write a review when they have a bad experience, that's human nature. We need to remember that when you have a good experience at a hotel or restaurant, a nice word will really help them out.


Do Ya Feel The Beat?

lunch hammock

Elizabeth suggested that I mention some of the stuff that I am listening to at this moment, so here it is. 'The Heavy just released a new CD and I never get tired of listening to their music - it is all over the place. 'The Glorious Dead' might very well be their best release to date. Where are they? Funk, soul, rock and about any other place you want to go - Tom Waits, Black Keys and the Funkadelics. Get the idea? The boys are British so check 'em out or I will say "I told you so. Number two is 'The real Tuesday Weld.' Stephan Coates is British and for me, he is da man. I don't have a clue as to what genre to put this music into and so to prevent being embarrassed, I will leave it at that. I don't drink wine but if I did, I think it would go well with this music. Several albums are available but beware of 'Last Werewolf'' - I enjoy it but I love the unique, bizarre, twisted and so on. check 'em out 



Rumor has it that a Eden House might be doing an online radio station in the near future. I will keep you posted and I assure you it won't be an oldies station.

Sorry for taking up as much of your time as I have. I really thought it would have been much shorter. Maybe I won't wait so long next time? 

Part 2 coming October 1 , 2012 or 2013.

                                                                      Love Mike & The Gang
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