Febauary 2013


Gettin' By On Gettin' By


Signs Of The Apocalypse

xmas tree

I am so pleased to announce that we all here at the Eden House made it past 12/21/12. I hope you all were just as lucky. You do have my sympathy if you got rid of all your worldly possessions, including giving all your money away to a televangelist and are now trying to.......... Nope, I'm just going to stop there and let you finish my thought.

September Special is now in Phase XXIII - $99 a night Sunday through Thursday for the next 100 room nights (let us know if you have already taken advantage of our phase II September Special and we can adjust any weekdays booked). We still have some rooms left at $129.99 for the weekends and we are happy to combine them with weekdays. You can book one of our Semi-Private, Private, Small Deluxe, Deluxe or Large Deluxe rooms. Reserve now and save a chunk next September. We do require a 30 day cancellation. Special excludes holidays and special events.
Another way to get lower prices is to book for the next year while you are still here. If you book for year 2014 you will get 2013's rates. Of course you must pay a deposit at the time of booking.


Sickness & Health

race to fish
Nathan and Sky got married at the Eden House last Memorial Day weekend and the wedding was just featured in Martha Stewart Weddings. According to Martha, this article is setting records for pins on pintrest! Check out the great flowers (350 of them) the guys made and the beautiful ceremony that transformed, of all places our parking lot.

I almost forget to mention the Eden House being mentioned in last month's National Geographic Travelers magazine. It was a very nice surprise and we were the only lodging destination mentioned in the magazine for placing to stay in Key West.


Who Are These Masked Men?

Face the Music


Ragnar is the overnight running relay race that spans over 200 miles from Miami to Key West. A team is made up of 6 to12 individuals; each individual runs 3 legs of the race. The legs of the race vary in difficulty and distance, from 3-8 miles, allowing elite and novice runners to run together. It takes over 2 days and a night. Pair that with crazy costumes, decorated vans and a ton of runners. For the third year the Eden House has had the pleasure of having almost a full house of runners and they certainly seem to enjoy themselves; in the race and in Key West at the end. It is a fundraiser and every year they raise money for a different cause. This year race was to raise money for the Special Olympics. Thanks to Old town Bakery, we had an amazing set up for our Sunday brunch for the runners and those sticky buns can't be beat. Oh by the way the race next year will be the first weekend of Feburay.... this should be interesting.

Little On The Level

Some of you are wondering what's new with the construction...aren't you? We have a brand new awning on the EH - down the west side and along the back as well as a newly shingled front portion of the main building. The KW Historic Society insists on the galvanized shingles. Beautiful and expensive. The boys finally have a new working outdoor shower on the back deck of the 400 building for room 402. Everyone loves the one at 303. We are contemplating making the shower on the sundeck encloseable so all our guests can enjoy showering under the stars.


You Think This Guy Will Pass A Piss Test?

Mike Special

  We filled two conch trains this year for the viewing of the Christmas lights. The first trolley driver was a 'whack job' and we loved him, too bad the second driver was like watching varnish dry. All involved had a great time though. The Christmas tree lighting was fun and festive; Elizabeth's cookies were deadly delicious and the nog was spiked. I will find out when the lighted bike tour is next year and announce the dates. This year it was December and a lot more riders participated. Just light your bikes and head out from Bayview Park and ride around the island checking out the lighted houses. The Howard's flight home got canceled and they made it to both events (and boy are they sorry). Our New Year's Eve get together went well but was a little on the mellower side this year. Nice visit, Kathy, Jim and Nancy (newbie). Next year we need more champagne and less food. Let’s kick it up a notch. 



A Little Slice Of Heaven

Key West


Francis St - The Hideaway on Robert's Lane. Now booking for April 2013 and on. This is our new long term rental. Nice two bedroom apartment, downstairs bedroom room has a private porch with an outdoor shower; a loft bedroom up stairs, one bathroom and a large back deck. It also has a pull out sleeper sofa in the living room. It sits on a nice quiet lane in the heart of Historic Old Town. Of course the Eden House grounds and privileges come with your stay on either property and it is just around the corner from us.


Hi Weirdos

fugees family store


And some folks call me weird. You guys have taken weird to a new level. I drew a couple extra cards this month because Daniel Lewis had stuffed the box and I drew his number first. Daniel has sent in a poop load of cards. This month's winners are: Daniel Lewis, Jean Marie & Tim Kline, Amy Mueller and Jim & Sherry Latoz. Congrats guys. I want to clarify one thing and that is that I draw the cards at random. I am not qualified to pick winners based on 'weirdness' so I just draw them at random out of an old mongoose carcass. The carcass was found in the attic of the 421 building along with a stuffed turkey....but that is another story. I have already decided to draw more than the 12 winners so keep the sick, twisted and ridiculous postcards coming. Win one and you're done.



Tubas In The Moonlight

like my nose


If you like music and David Bowie check out this video from this week's Brainpicking. To quote Bonzo Dog Band, "lets go back to your childhood, childhood, childhood." And as Sid Vicious said, "I don't do drugs any more but I still think high."
I'd like to turn you on.....to Grayson Capps this week. Old friends Jamie and Jack turned me on....to him several years ago and I feel I'm a better person for it. This guy's music is all over the place but rock 'n roll comes to mind. Let's stay ancient with NRBQ (New Rhythm & Blues Quartet) called the world's greatest party band. Please take note that these guys aren't advised for anyone under age of 45 unless you have a highly tuned ear for music. Being from Michigan, these guys always bring to mind that first warm sunny day in April. The streets are clear and dry, it's almost 50 degrees, the windows are open and you are cruising down the highway with the heater blasting. Damn! It doesn't, or didn't, get any better than that.




Always Dollar Beers

Listen to Music


On closing. Can the weather get any stranger in the northeast? Thank goodness you don't have any volcanoes in that part of the country.
PSS.  This past Valentine's Day weekend was a circus here at the Eden House. It won't happen again I assure you. I want to apologize to you if you were with us and if you were as disgusted as I was. If you were part of the problem please look elsewhere for future accommodations. To quote Lebowski, "this aggression will not stand." Being disrespectful to my guests, my staff and and the hotel just won't cut it. If you choose to come back, the Eden House will pee on your parade 'cause the rules will be abided by. This is a promise. Call us an old folks home if you like.  I have too many guests that have been with us for years and they keep coming back for a reason. Enough said.
Jeff you did some great bartending at the end of the month, thanks so much.



                                                              Peace, Mike & Staff
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