December 2013


Postcard winner Sandra Tilley's submission



Directions said to take the chicken out of the fridge and let it chill for a few hours

'Tis the season… to get whacked on Elizabeth’s rum concoction and ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the Christmas lights around the island with us on the Conch Train. Yep, it is the third annual already, my how time flies when we get old. ‘Whacked’ was a word I used often in the 70’s, oh those fond memories… Back to present day, we will meet in the lobby at 6pm on Friday the 13th for a little pre-gaming (snacks and adult beverages) and the trains pull out at 6:45 (love that movie, 3:10 to Yuma written by Elmore Leonard – sorry, just following my train of thought).  Staff, friends and guests are invited, please RSVP to Fritzie. Last year we had two full trains and it was a ball, ages one to a hundred-and-one welcome! Hope that you can join us.
On December 6th at 6pm we trimmed the Eden House tree in the lobby with munchies and hot buttered rum. All who came had a great time but there were no beer cans or condoms allowed on the tree this year. Elizabeth about blew a cork on that one once, she keeps us just shy of “uncouth.”

So Little Time and Too Much Time To Do It

 It has been a busy fall. First was Goombay, then Fantasy Fest, the Meeting of the Minds and the first of November brought us the Power Boat Races. I think my fondest memories were during the walking parade which is part of Fantasy Fest. We passed out another 5,000 Jell-O shots this year with the help of the Jell-O Gigolo. Staff and guests had a great time and you can see the pictures on Facebook to prove it. The Eden House has been a participant or a stop on the parade for nearly 20 years now. It takes place the Friday night before the Grand Parade which is always on the last Saturday of October. The staff and I think this is one of the best out of more than 50 official events. Another great event was the Zombie Bike Ride. This event has grown from about 250 participants 3 short years ago to nearly 8,000 this year! Its catching on like, well like a zombie apocalypse. 
The lighted bicycle parade is coming up later this month and has also been a big hit in the past. Throw some X-Mas lights on your bike and meet up with a few thousand fellow drunk bicyclists to tour the island checking out the Christmas lights and decorations. Are you saying to yourself, “another reason to party?!” You got that right! Though on Key West, a reason has never been needed.

Nothing Like A Good Book


I’ve recently started reading a book called “Flowertown” by S.G. Redling. Sheila and her friend, Gina were staying at the Eden House last winter and we were visiting at happy hour and in passing she said she was a writer and would send me copies of her books. She was in the keys doing research for her latest book. No spoiler alert here but I will tell you that it is a conspiracy thriller and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Don’t take my word for it, look it up online. All the reviews are over the top. One more tidbit, the characters have personality and the protagonist is one sassy bitch! Amazon gave the book 4.5 stars with 572 reviews. I will probably jump right into her next two books, “Damocles” and “The Widow File.” I am especially intrigued by the plot of “The Widow File.”

Too Good To Be True

September Special
Now for a little business. Last September’s special was a smashing success thanks to all of your support. A lot of September and October guests have asked what Elizabeth has planned for next September. She’s calling it the “C-Note Special”  and the official rules are as follows:
$100 dollars off (per night) of any Small Deluxe room or larger booked from September 2 – September 30th excluding Bike Weekend, September 19th and 20th. Two night minimum for Friday and Saturday stays.  Restrictions do apply: Cannot request specific room numbers. Rooms will not be assigned until the day of arrival in order to accommodate as many people as possible. When assigning specific room requests it interferes with accommodating the length of stay for others causing some to miss out on this great rate. No groups, if you book a group we will have to turn you away at check-in. The Eden House prides itself on having a quiet relaxing atmosphere and unfortunately groups tend to put the kibosh on that.

A Little Duct Tape

Outdoor Shower Room 402

This summer’s ‘beautification project’ spearheaded by Elizabeth was the creation of two new outdoor showers. They have been a stupendous success. There is something very special about showering under the clouds and stars and letting it all hang out. Plans for the next two outdoor showers are already on the drawing board. Before you ask, yes those showers are exclusively for those rooms' guests. So, no copping a shower.


Put a Tent Over That Circus

Postcard winner Tara Holmes

All good things must come to an end. So here are the final four winners to Weird Mike’s Weird Postcard Drawing: Laura Richardson, Kathy Leggett, Tara Holmes, and Sandra Tilley. I want to thank all you guys for your support with my twisted folly. I have had so much fun with it. Not to mention an amazing collection of weird, whimsical and downright bizarre postcards. More than a few happy hours have been enhanced by my box of magical postcards. I ended up drawing a total of 18 winners rather than the 12 originally     
planned. Any ideas for my next giveaway?



Can You Hum a Few Notes


Dick Segal is one of my favorites not to mention that he is a Michigan native. The only thing wrong with him is that he lives in Ann Arbor. I went to Michigan State and I can’t help myself. My favorite cd by Dick is “Snap!”. One of my favorite songs is ‘What Would Brandon Do?’ I dare you to try and stay still while listening to this song. Another snappy tune is ‘Angelo’s’ about a restaurant in Ann Arbor. It was released by Schoolhouse Records in 1994. I never tire of listening to this next artist, Doc Pomus. Doc was born Jerome Solon Felder on June 27, 1925 and passed away March 14, 1991. A small segment of his music career was teaming up with Mort Shuman and penning such greats as “A Teenager in Love,” “Save the Last Dance for me,” "Turn Me Loose,” and “This Magic Moment.” One of the biggest shockers for me was learning that Mort and Doc wrote “Viva Las Vegas.” They wrote it in 1963 and Elvis released it in 1964. Elvis never performed the song live. Doc only recorded some 40 to 50 songs himself. Two of my favorite albums with Doc’s music are “Johnny Adams sings Doc Pomus” and “Till the night is gone: Tribute to Doc Pomus.” The tribute album has covers by Los Lobos, Bob Dylan and Dr. John to name a few. But my favorite on the cd is Shawn Colvin’s cover of “Viva Las Vegas.” You might remember it from the movie, “The Big Labowski.”


It’s been nice visiting with you again but it’s time to get back out by the pool and try to BS the staff into thinking I’m doing something destructive, I mean CONstructive… Oh, I  almost forgot: October 8th marked my 38th year with Eden House! I marvel at how much my Bachelor of Science with four minors and no major from Michigan State and my time in Vietnam have come in handy.

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year , Mike and the Gang

PS One more mention that the Eden House property is totally and unequivocally non-smoking as of midnight Decmber 31st. The fallout from this proclamation was minimal and we've only had a few cancelations. Though I must say, you smokers are passionate about your smoking.

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