September 2014



Maybe Snowhite will Show

 Whistle while we work or if you prefer, watch us work.  A little business to get out of the way before my mind starts to drift.  September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th the Eden House will be doing a little work around and in the pool (the pool will be closed off for 2 or 3 days during this period) plus a handful of other projects will be taking place. Therefore, every room in the house  up to a Large Deluxe is $100 a night. The man is coming down on us. Apparently state or county (I’m not sure who exactly) regulations dictate that we have until October 1st to get any cracks in the grout fixed in the pool tile. The only time we can get the tilers before then is September 22nd, 23rd and 24th. So we will not have an operational pool during the work. Trust me, we ain’t happy about this either what with the short notice and all. If you really need to jump in the water to cool off, Dante’s is about two blocks away and has a large pool, restaurant and multiple bars. Entry is free!

Clipping Coupons

 Elizabeth is also, having her annual September sale.  It is called the “C-note special.”  Yep, $100 off Small Deluxe or larger rooms in the house every night during the month of September…excluding special events like Poker Run of course.  Many of you guys have already taken advantage of this special due to the ‘pop up’ on our home page.

For The Bookworms

Paige Toon stayed with us and I think the Eden House and Key West might have helped inspire her book The Longest Holiday
As reviewed on Amazon, “I'm a sucker for chick-lit, especially British chick-lit.”
S.G. Redling has another great book out as well. According to Elizabeth it is a great beach read! Redemption Key brings the character Dani
down to the Florida Keys for some good old Conch adventures.


Our Papa

September Special
I want to send a shout out to one of the coolest dudes I know, Jack Heller.  Jack has been a guest at the Eden House since Christ was a corporal.  He made it into a recent issue of Esquire along with several Hemingway look alikes (Jack is number 15).  Jack, you are like that fine wine folks are always talking about…..better with age.


I really enjoy this site and seeing where these album covers were taken.  That said stay on the yellow brick road.  This site can get very artsy, so venture at your own peril.  


It Started as a Brain Fart

Paul and Gerda de Geode were just back for a return visit and brought me a very special gift.  Their gift was the first bottle of their first batch of artisan distilled Goodman’s Gin.  Paul has mentioned on several occasions that he would like to create his own ‘top shelf’ gin and damned if he hasn’t done it.  As the bottle reads, Goodman’s is a sipping gin and can be enjoyed with a fine tonic and flavors such as grape, lime, orange, cucumber and ginger.  To show you how long I have been sleeping under a rock, I had no idea gin would go well with these ingredients.  Goodman’s was recently glowingly reviewed by ‘The Gin Is In’.  If you’re interested in a high quality sipping gin, Goodman’s can be purchased from Marius in the Haag.  The page is in Dutch but type in “Goodman’s” in the search box at the top of the page.  Paul and Gerda are beautiful people...they could have been picked right out of the seventies.  They enjoy music, travel, Harley Davidsons and gin, among other things.  Need I say more?   



When Old Friends Drop In

The 35th annual Key West Songwriter’s Conference was held back in May and the Eden House was privileged to have John Frinzi perform by the pool.  Tom Corcoran also stopped by and blessed the celebration.  Tom’s latest book is “Triple in Paradise.” John mentioned that he ran into Al Anderson at the Smokin’ Tuna and that he is a big fan of Al.  I second that and have all of Al’s music as well as all the music of ‘New Rhythm & Blues Quartet’, Al’s old band.  In the photo, from the left to right are John Frinzi, “Big Al” Anderson, Sophie Rose and Lucy Buffett at the Smokin’ Tuna.



Seems Like I've Been Talking A Lot About A Lot Of Music

For a little music.  I never get tired of listening to ‘The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band’ and they never fail to put a smile on my face and get me moving.  I find that the older I get, the harder this is to do.  Two guys and a gal from southern Indiana make all this music.  One of my favorite albums is “Big Damnnation” from 2006.  Their latest release is “Between the Ditches” and it comes highly recommended.  The next group I have to offer is ‘The The’.  I have no idea how to discribe them.  I hear some Frank Zappa in there and a little Talking Heads and maybe even some Devo.  I’ve been listening to their CD, “Mind Bomb” from 1989.  Go figure.  Music is timeless.  I’ve been thinking about passing along a copy of my music library to a few of our guests.
Anyone interested in a copy?  All songs are bought and paid for.  If you are interested drop me a UNIQUE POSTCARD – only one postcard, please.  Include your 3 favorite artists/groups, the first album you bought and your contact information.  I’ll draw my first winner in a couple months and will do so for at least six months. 

Happy Trails     
On a sad note, the Eden House has recently lost a good friend and wonderful person, Amye Childs. We will miss you beyond words.  Keep an eye on us from up there girl.  We will be doing the jell-o shots again for Fantasy Fest.  Amye and Dan had been to the last 13 Fantasy Fest…she loved the madness.
Thanks for spending a few minutes with me,
Mike Eden     
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