August 2016



You can... whistle while We work

 Again, I start off our newsletter with...please forgive me for not writing sooner.  I am getting lazier with each birthday and it is getting worse.  I hope everyone out there is doing fine, kicking ass and taking names.  I swear Elizabeth has been raising hell for months for me to drop a line and let you guys know what our September specials are.  So consider it done.
 It's that time of year again. We have a few minor improvements to make to the property so it's time to get a great rate while we make them. This year we are offering our Deluxe style rooms for 60% off per night until October 6th! You must book this special directly with us so give us a call at 305-296-6868. 2 night minimum on weekends, excluding holidays and special events, one discount per reservation. Make your plans and book soon because we will sell out quickly with a discount this big!
*Discount only applies to Small Deluxe, Deluxe, Porch Deluxe, King Deluxe and Loft Deluxe rooms. Not valid between September 2 - 5 or 16-19.

On the Top of the World

 We were nominated for the annual Bubbas People's Choice Awards Best Bed and Breakfast (which technically we are not - but who wants to split hairs when awards are involved?). 4,796 people voted for their favorite Key West businesses and attractions online and about 250 people attended the event on July 25th. We ultimately lost out to the Gardens Hotel but it was an honor just to be nominated. WeCycle's event, the Zombie Bike Ride won for Best Event. If you haven't done it yet, it's right before Fantasy Fest and is a blast! Last year over 9000 people rode their bikes in the event. Also a quick congrats to our friend Rob O'Neal who won best photographer. Check out his website.... you're sure to enjoy it.

K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple s.....)

 We have some brand spanking new cruisers out front of the Eden House for rent. They are bright yellow, but we want to stand out Eden style. We'd love to hear some ideas from you guys about how we should paint them up. In the past we've done different themes like Rasta, Marilyn Monroe, Miami Dolphins, Jackson Pollock, Michigan State. What would you like to ride around town? Respond with your thoughts and maybe we'll dedicate a bike to your idea. But remember - we are not artists so keep it simple for us.

Queen of the Roller Derby

September Special
  Our own Front Desk Fritzie that many of you know and have grown to love, has joined a roller derby league, the Key West Derby Dames. They call her F-Bomb... go figure! It is her first season and she may be a little sore in the knees and butt but she loves it. Remember that iconic episode of Charlie's Angels? Yep, that's her. Only she's not a third of an undercover female super spy group... that we know of.  Maybe we can get Kelsey to join and throw Ryan in a feathered wig and roller skates? Yeesh, maybe not. Speaking of the front desk, Kelsey tied the knot this year. She married her fiance, Ben, who is a lieutenant in the Coast Guard and we couldn't be more excited for them as they start this new chapter in their lives. They have also welcomed little Oliver to their family. Don't get too excited, Oliver is a cat. Best of luck guys!



Criss Cross, Has it been 25 years?

2017 will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of our little claim to fame, Criss Cross starring Goldie Hawn. If you haven't seen the movie or noticed the memorabilia around the lobby; it was a coming of age indie film released in 1992 about a single mother struggling to raise her son in the late sixties in Key West while juggling jobs at the Eden House and a local topless bar. Okay, maybe she was juggling more than just occupations. Anyway, its fun to watch for no other reason than to see the hotel on the silver screen and reminisce about the good old days. Quick note, movie magic was used to make it look run down, it didn't actually look like that in the 90's. 

Get the Women and Children out First           

 A friend told me about a couple driving laws his state has and I really wish we could implement them in Florida.  The first one he called 'the dumbass law', which states that if there is a sign posted to warn drivers that there could be moving water over a road, you enter at your own risk.  If you ignore this and need help being rescued.... you pay for the cost of being rescued.  Resonable.  The next law that I would like to see in Florida is the 'five car law' and that is if you have five or more cars following you... you need to get your butt over and let them pass.  Again, this seems very logical and the Florida Keys are perfect for such a law.



Mixed Bag

Pasha relocated in the spring to be close to her son in Cleveland.  If you run into her... tell her Mike sends his love.  I hope you've been enjoying our new tiki bar.  I have been.  One of my favorites is the prickly pear margarita.  The 'Thirsty Mermaid' across from Fausto's on Fleming St. is rapidly becoming an island favorite. Elizabeth says you must try the fried oysters. Paseo (corner of Grinnell and Eaton) is now called Bien.  Same owner and same great food.


I'll be heading to Michigan again in the fall to see my 'Spartans' play a few football games.  We are underdogs again.  We have them right where we want them. Drop me a line when you have the time... I'd love to hear from ya!
Mike and the gang
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