Jan 2017



So That's What All The Fuss Is About

Sorry to bother you but I have got something I want to share with you. No, I didn't sell the Eden House...though, I came very close this past year. I was offered a boat load of money and I thought long and hard on it...then, I bought a hotel in Asheville instead. It's called the
Princess Anne and it was built in 1924, the same year as the Eden House. I think that is a good omen, like in the movies when the eagle flies over and screeches. Sam is our new Princess Anne G.M. and if you can believe this...she has a degree from Florida State University in hospitality. I know what you are going to say, she is over qualified to work at the Eden House or the Princess Anne. She is but we will work through that.  Sam worked for the Eden House for a year several years back and Elizabeth and I are so pleased to have her with us. Yes, Elizabeth is still with me, even though she now lives in Cocoa Beach. Elizabeth assists Randy at the Eden House and now Sam at the Princess Anne.  I'm sure glad that she didn't quit her day job...of over ten years. Colleen and I have been visiting Asheville for well over 30 years and  next to Key West, there is no place else I would rather be. Asheville, like Key West, has some amazing places to eat (Curate, White Duck Taco, Farm Burger, Early Girl Eatery, 12 Bones BBQ & Plant are a few of my favorites). I can't keep up with all the micro brews that are popping up...it must be the water. The local and national music scene in the area is top notch. And, let's not forget the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. We will be running the Princess Anne the same way we have run the Eden House for the past 42 years: a comfortable bed, clean accommodations, a reasonable rate and a staff that cares. It's been working so why change it? Our guests will still get that complimentary soft or hard beverage upon check-in and our complimentary daily happy hour. Our rewards program will become interchangeable. You will get points when you stay with the Eden House and the Princess Anne and you can redeem them at either property. The Princess Anne will have the same 'unhappy guest policy'. If you are unhappy for any reason and we can't make things right we will give you a full refund and help you find another place to stay, if you like? Our noise policy will be the same - no noise from 10 PM until 10 AM. We will have someone on the property 24 hours a day for your and our piece of mind, not to mention, our fresh brewed coffee will always be available. I could go on but I think you get the picture.  We are in the hospitality business, which means we are in the service business.
The Princess Anne will be just like the Eden House in the sense that we value our repeat guests even more than the guest that we haven't found yet.  For our repeat guest we have a 'regulaaaars' discount. This will give you 15% off our rack rate (excluding some special events) and we guarantee this will be the best rate out THERE....bar none. This should bring you back especially once you have stayed with us and get to see and experience what the Princess Anne has to offer and what a good value we are. When you check in at the Princess Anne wearing an Eden House shirt or hat you will also receive an extra 5% off your stay.
To kick things off I want to offer a couple 3 nights stays at the Princess Anne.  Send me a post card with some pizazz, some funk or just plain craziness telling me why you want to come to Asheville and hang out with us. Something you might want to do or see or eat, etc? I'll draw my first unique postcard in March. Send as many as postcards as you like and the cards will be drawn at random.
 Mike Eden c/o Princess Anne, 301 Chestnut ST, Asheville, NC 28801

See ya soon,
Mike Eden and the gang



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