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We have 8 hammocks and 11 porch swings on the property.

When I first came to Key West in the early 70's, a Conch (pronounced KONK-a person born here) told me, "We don't waste time here in Key West; we kill it. We shoot it right in the butt!" When in Key West , I always felt that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Never any doubt or guilt that I should be doing something else. What a wonderful feeling.

I guess that explains why I love spending time in a hammock. Just killing time with a good book or some mindless magazine article. I'm usually asleep within ten minutes anyway.

An afternoon in a hammock can easily take 10 points off your I.Q. If you're borderline, stay away. A week in Key West will take off 30 points.

One of our hammock areas is called the 'library'. No music allowed, and please talk in a whisper. The only noise allowed is the waterfall. So when passing through, please respect the folks napping, reading, or just spacing out. SSSHhhh!!

We get our hammocks from these fine folks. Great hammocks and great prices. Tell them Mike.

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