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AirTran Airways - Invest the time and save a dime.

Home on the Beach (NC) - Looking for some beach time? Check it out.

Comfort Tours and Travel – Can't go wrong with these folks.

Little River Inn (Aldie, VA) - If you can't make it all the way to Key West, check out Tucker's place.

Market Cross Guest House ( Northumberland, U.K.) - Nice folks. I haven't been there, but if I were in the neighborhood I would surely visit.

Inn The Woods (Hyde Park, NY) - When you need to get a break from the big apple, I know just the place to go. And it’s only a two hour trip.

Captain Ryan's Passport to Paradise - Needless to say, Capt. Ryan has had a bit too much sun and rum.

Angels Nest ( Weatherford, TX) - When traveling in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and need a place to lay your head. Check out Candace's place. Lots of history and loads of charm. Candace is my kind of person.

Coconut Palm Inn – A really nice place to stay in Key Largo on your way to or from Key West.

The Key West Express - Hop on from Ft. Myers or Marco Island and get to Key West in less than 4 hours!

Air Key West - Private Charters at reasonable prices from several cities around Florida.

Keys Shuttle - Mick Jagger once said, "a change is as good as a rest."

Grey Hound Bus - Take your earplugs and a good book.

Heather Clark - her professional name is H.B Clark. She is right out of the 70's. Though she is too young, I know that I met her at a concert or two back then. I am not too young.

David Bromberg - if you are over 40 and want your socks blown off.....see this man. He might go back into retirement and then you'll be S.O.L.

John Prine (Music) - I have been a John Prine fan since the early 70’s and just saw him for the first time. He was at the Gusman Center in Miami. What a show! I don’ think that I have ever seen a better show and that includes the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. An amazing connection with the audience, and his stories are off the chart. If you ever get the chance to see John Prine, do yourself a great big favor and see him.

Ronny Elliott (Music) - has been staying with me for a long, long time and his music just gets better as he and I get older. What does that tell you? If you figure it out, let me know. It is hard to pigeon hole Ronny’s music but I guess I would call it Americana. It is good stuff and you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. Ronny has seven CD’s and I think another is in the works. It is nice when you can understand the words and they tell a story.

Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks (Music) - WOW! Dan Hicks has a new CD and it is HOT! It is called “Selected Shorts” and includes duets with Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson, and Gibby Haynes. The recommended age for listening to this CD is 40 years and older. That is unless you have very eclectic tastes in music. (Do not mix with foreign substances. Can lead to tapping your feet or worse). Also has a CD on Surfdog Records called Alive & Lickin'. I am a big fan of Dan Hicks and I think this is his best CD. Dan has been around since the late 60’s and came out of the San Francisco Bay area. I can't sit still while listening to this CD.

Frederick Libby (Author) - I just read a book (non fiction) called Horses Don’t Fly by Frederick Libby, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Libby was born in 1892 in Colorado and was a cowboy until he enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps at the age of 22. He went on to fly 350 hours of combat missions when the life expectancy of a pilot was 10 hours. During World War I he was awarded the Military Cross by King George V for gallantry, became the first Ace (he shot down 24 planes - 14 as a pilot and 10 as an observer) of the war, and was the first to fly the American colors over enemy lines. He wrote his story in 1961 and his granddaughter published it in 2000. His humble nature comes through in his story.

Billy Ware, of Beausoleil (Cajun / Zydeco music) - recently stayed at Eden House with his friend Sondra. The group stayed at the Eden House about 10 years ago while playing at the Tennessee Williams Fine Art Center. At that show, I bought their CD, Bayou Cadillac; from that CD, I have the song “Island Zydeco” on our web page. Billy gave me a copy of their new CD Encore, Encore!! The Best of Beausoleil on Rhino Records. Their new CD has become a standard by the pool. Of course, the music is great and I highly recommend it.

Jr. James (Music) - While in Asheville, NC, I picked up a CD by Jr. James and the Late Guitar, It's called Second of Nine. I would call it funkified music and highly recommend it. I would assume Jr. James is from that part of the country.

Bap Kennedy (Music) - I'm hooked on Bap Kennedy's music and these two CD's are a must. That is if you like music with a melody and want to understand the words. Not everybody does. Lonely Street by Bap Kennedy (4.5 stars out of 5 based on 9 reviews) Domestic Blues by Bap Kennedy (5 stars based on 10 reviews)

Dick Siegel (Music) - is also from the band A Squared and is one of my favorites (yes, I have many favorites). You can get his CD Angel Aweigh on Schoolkids’ Records in Ann Arbor. His CD Snap! is out of print.

Christopher Moore (Author) - Here's a little off the wall reading material. Christopher Moore is one of my favorite authors. He reminds me of Tom Robbins of Another Roadside Attraction and Cowgirls Get the Blues fame. These guys drag me back to the 70's. Check out Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. If you're in a pissy mood this would be just the book to bring you out of it. 4 and 1/2 stars based on 103 reviews on (5 stars is the best)

Tom Corcoran (Author) - Tom's reappearing Alex Rutledge is a true Key West character. All his books are a must read.

The Hammock Company - By far the best selection of hammocks, swings and accessories out there. When you see the bold new look of our hammocks and swings you will see for yourself.

Cheesie Bob's - The variety runs from smoked to onion and everything in between. Great cheese! Go Packers! (Ask for the 10% Eden House discount)

Jeff Bridges - interesting person...has world hunger on his mind.

Jeff Daniels - Great website, real good music! Proceeds from CD benefit his Purple Rose Theatre.

Dan Francis - a picture is worth a thousand words...unless you stutter.

Ryan Fitzsimmons – Check this guy out. Good shit! I ain't blowing smoke either. Ryan is from up Boston way and this CD is a must.

Califlora – (for sunburns) Natural homeopathic Clanendula gels are better than Aloe, believe it or not. Boericke and Tafel make my favorite brand. Get it at Sugar Apple.

New Age Cribs – These are the new pack and plays. They are very safe, easy to store and so far all the parents that have passed through the Eden House love them. They can be used as a bed, changing table or small pool. Check em out.

Southernmost Bocce League – Bocce is one of the most popular sports in Key West. The Eden House has a team in the league.

J World School – Wanna learn sailing? This is a great place to go.

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H. B. Clark
Mosaic Glass Artist

Heather's work can be found all around Key West - Eden House, Cafe Med, the Restaurant Store and Blue Heaven to name a few. For years she has been selling her art from the back of her pickup truck on the island.

Now she is taking her work nationally and has thoughts of going international. Her first two shows were held pool side at the Eden House on February 16, 2007 and March 16, 2007. Take a look at some of her work! Call her at 305-942-1621 for a viewing by appointment.



"Candy Coated

In The Nile"


"Blue Woman"

"Happy Hour"


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