APRIL 2008

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We are legends in our own minds...

Where do I start? I am not sure if this is the beginning.

We had Bob's Fundraiser drawing in February. You folks raised $6,570 for Bobby. Bob and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Bill (the bartender) and his lovely wife Rosie from Milwaukee were down and helped with the proceedings.
Click here to see pic. Bill took the pictures and Rosie drew the tickets. She is easy on the eyes, isn't she?

Drumroll please!! ...... And the winners are: Trove Holding Company (one week in a deluxe room) James Latoz (one week in a deluxe room) Carol Mclean (stained glass art by H.B.Clark and Doug Mansur). Get in touch with us and let us know when you are coming down or where to send the prizes.

'Regulaaaars' Customer Appreciation Raffles: We, the Eden House, would like to say thanks for all your support over the years. You are who we refer to as the 'regulaaaars'. We would like to give a little bit back. Yep and there is nothing to buy. Put your information (name, address, phone number and email address) on a postcard and send it to us. We will draw out a card every so often for a 4 day stay in a deluxe room for you and a guest. This will be for the off season and you can pass it on to a friend if you would like. Sorry, for the off season but we need to make the 'bucks' in-season. Limited to winning one time only. Bikes are included and we are working on some trips on the water. Oh yea, Azur (our great new cafe) is throwing in a breakfast and dinner for each of you. Mike and Drew, owners of Azur, are special people and their food is amazing. Their lavender infused Creme Brule is out of this world. Let me know what you think.

Renovations: We have finished most of the new renovations. Some of you might say that the work never stops around here. The new renovations includes new 32 inch LCD TVs in all the deluxe rooms. Dave and Jason (my nephew) delivered the TVs from Dallas, Texas - check out their entertainment business. Give them a call and ask for the 'Eden House' discount. It might work and it might not. They stress quality and have great prices. These guys know their shit. Yes, they will ship anywhere. We have replaced all the carpeting on the property and a lot of the blinds. The front of the main building has been painted as well as the back lobby. Tony, our resident lawyer/painter has been doing one heck of a job. Buy him a drink next time you are down. He never stops talking and I am sure you will find him as interesting as ever. The back lobby is now truly the 'library'. Rooms 108, 110 and 112 have been converted from privates to small deluxe. They have been completely redone from the tile floors to the new fans - paint too. The front lobby will get a make over this summer - new paint, floor, coffee area, fans and new furniture. Out with the old and in with the new. Keeping in mind that the more we change, the more we stay the same. I almost forgot. Dialin' Dave is putting in a new phone system and new WI-FI. Dave assures us this new WI-FI along with the new DSL line - will ROCK! Yes ------it's about time. Our present wireless system has been a pain in the rear for ages. Thanks for you patience.

Magical Mystery Tour: The 'magical mystery tour' is up and running:

This should give you 'newbies' a better idea of what you are getting into. The new photos are by Dan the Man and his lovely wife Stretch. We will continue to add new pictures as the weather permits. Elizabeth and Matt have been doing lots of work on the web site and you can now book your own reservations.

Matt is moving back to Michigan to work and live on a 'big boat' out of Port Huron. Goin' to miss ya Matt. Say hi if you are in the area. Elizabeth has assured me that she will get to work on our 'family album' on the web site this summer. She is also talking about joining the French Foreign Legion, getting extensions for her toe nails and continuing her underwater welding studies. Go figure. Could it be the new 'main squeeze' in her life? The underwater welding has me confused and worried.

Tidbits: Tom Corcoran's new book is doing very well (Key West In Black and White) and he has several projects in the works. He is one of the few of us to come out of the Key West 70's with any brain cells left. Check out his web site. I think he is on a new vitamin or something.

H. B (Heather) Clark has moved to the west coast of Florida and is doing very well. She is showing at Longstreth-Goldberg Art a very exclusive gallery in Naples, Florida. We still have some of her work/joy on display around the Eden House and it is for sale. You can contact her through the Eden House - leave your name and phone number.

News Flash! Consumers Report has Natural Lite and Bush Lite as best buys in the VERY GOOD column. The Eden House Rocks! Yes, we often offer one of these beers as our 'complimentary check- in' beers.

Henrietta's Art of Baking (her web site still has the old location) has moved just around the corner from the Eden House. She is now at the Restaurant Store. If you haven't visited the Restaurant Store, you must. Great stuff for you or that hard to buy for person. We all think of ourselves as good cooks don't we?

Elizabeth has moved Eden House to the 'Green Zone'. Yep, our glasses are now made from corn and are biodegradable. Our cleaning products are all natural. All this time I thought she was a Republican. Is it politically correct to say that? Oh well, back on to the freeway which is already in progress. I stole that from Fireside Theatre. Almost forgot. When staying with us at the Eden House never throw away those 'old batteries'. Drop them off at the front desk and we will recycle them. Every little bit helps. Mick Jagger ended the Connections album with, "if you are out after night be sure and wear white."

Unfortunately Sue and Roy the cheese heads will not be coming down this year, but not to worry we will get some cheese for everyone at happy hour. I am sure it will not be as good as there Wisconsin cheese but we will do our best.

Serious Stuff: Dale (or as he is affectionately referred to as Air Dale), of Michigan, sent us this web site and I think you should visit it. It will help clear up what lithium batteries are all about and maybe save you money. DON'T TOTALLY DISCHARGE THOSE LITHIUM BATTERIES! Read this information - it is dull but very informative. Thanks Dale.

Nano Technology! This stuff is scary. Who is watching the hen house? This shit scares the poop out of me or this poop scares the shit out of me. Elizabeth calls me 'Debbie Downer'. What do you think?

Here are a couple sites that might save you a buck or two. I have been told that there are lots of coupons for web retailers floating around out there in cyber space. We just need to know how to track them down. Don't bother looking for a coupon for your new blow-up doll. I have already looked. You will be paying full price for that puppy. Sorry Bubba.


Got a few new faces and lost a couple. Leon and Barbara moved on to greener pastures. Katherine, Jim and Tim are still kicking around here and we have some new lovely faces at the front desk: Alex, Sue and Phyllis.

Mike and the gang