Just a quickie and then I am back on the freeway, which is already in progress (took that line from Firesign Theatre). This month's winner is Nicole Schaeffer. Nicole has been down a couple times in the near past and we will be seeing her again soon. The next visit is on our dime. Congrats!

Next time you plan to come to Key West and the airlines are less than accommodating, try this. Look into flying to Marathon (about 50 miles north of Key West), Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach and renting a car. The flights are usually a lot more reasonable and the airports are much more enjoyable than Miami. That is if you have the time. The ferry terminal is about two blocks from the Key West Express (

Elizabeth "the green" has finally completed the Eden House's move to green. We are there and are on the "Green" web site. Using soap dispensers in the showers to cups made from corn. Every little bit helps. Look around – you can make a difference.

Love ya, miss ya and be sure to register to vote. You can make a difference there too.

Mike and the Eden House gang