FEBRUARY 8, 2003
Ramblings from the Eden House & Key West

Here's hoping your holidays were good and everyone is healthy. I drank more than a couple glasses of champagne by the pool for those of you who couldn't be with us on New Year's Eve.

On February 1st we had our first drawing for the fundraiser for my daughters volleyball team and the winner is, Bill Kilkelly (ticket # 176) , If you didn't win, don't fret, your name stays in the box and you are eligible for the next three drawing, unless you win, that is. There is still time to buy tickets and the next drawing will be on the first of March. Tickets are $10 each and it is for a great cause. Send in those checks, don't delay! Only 278 tickets sold so far, that is some pretty good odds. It is tax deductible.

Bill has added a TON of new (and old) photos to our Family Album. He has it broken up into sections - Guests, Fantasy Fest, Construction, Blasts from the Past (not guests), The Movie (Criss Cross) and Parrot Heads. If you would like your name added to your picture or want the picture removed, drop us an e-mail. If you don't give a 'rat's butt', I can fully relate.

Mark Comfort (Cruise Holidays), his mom and Carol Rone (Comfort Tours and Travel) stopped by early December and did a live radio broadcast poolside at the Eden House. The weekly show is on Kansas City's 710 KCMO talk radio, Saturday mornings at 11AM. Eden House got a nice little plug as Mark and Carol talked about travel in the Caribbean. Yes, I stuck my nose in the conservation. If you have travel needs, I think these folks would be very helpful and they are nice.

A links swap page is being added to our site. We will be linking to people's pages that we think you will enjoy, be entertaining, be of some benefit, learn something from or just a good place to 'fritter' away some time. If you have such a web page, drop us a line. I will take it before the board and see if the page makes the cut.

We got some new beautiful pool towels. They are sea foam green in color and they cover the lounge chairs (34 by 70 inches). I know it's about time. I also know that Ira will still find things to complain about.

The Half Shell half marathon was run on January 25th and it was a blast! A fun run, competitive and the weather was great, in the mid 60's. If you want to find out about Key West runs in the future, check out the Southernmost Runners Club. Don Nelson is the president and he is very helpful. The club is very active in the community and are always raising money for one charity or another.

Kevin Reed was down in November to turn 40 with us. John Bunzick will be turning the big 5 - 0 with us on February 27th. What's going on, everyone is getting older? I know there were a fist full of others with birthdays over the past several months but I can put my mind around them right now. It's a bear getting old! Things just keep saggin' and droopin'. I keep telling myself that I am getting better with age or is it bitter with age, it's one or the other. I think this will be John & Carol's fifteenth February with us. They will be running into Tom & Kathy Faust again and Kathy will be celebrating her 29th birthday (again).

Jeff Nichols from up Virginia ways gave me a gift this past Fantasy Fest, his Harley license plate. He rode his Harley roundtrip from Virginia to Key West and back 2200 miles. Eat your heart out Skippy. That is definitely an IRON BUTT ride. I plan on framing the license plate and will be hanging it in hotel as soon as I find it on my desk. Thanks Jeff, see you at Fantasy Fest.

Aziz and Deb are doing great at Café Med . I have a couple new favorites. My new dining choice is to have 3 appetizers and no entrée. The soup of the day is a must. It is always great and Aziz doesn't use a chicken or beef stock. He say, "Keep it simple and let the vegetables do the work." Then I get the ARUGULA SALAD and the SHRIMP SARAGOSA for my main course. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Courtney is putting together a Honeymoon page for our web site. In the very near future Eden House will be offering a couple of 'all inclusive' wedding and/or honeymoon packages. Courtney and Bill are notaries and either one of them can perform your ceremony. We joke that Bill and Courtney take care of the weddings and I handle the divorces. Just kidding the divorces usually take care of themselves, with SOME assistance from a lawyer or two.

I've had the strangest request twice in the past month and then again, maybe it is not strange. Where does one find colorful, tropical, exotic and nurotic fabrics? At the Seam Shoppe of course, in lovely downtown Key West. Cindy and Doug have owned the shop since long before by hair started thinning and graying. They are the fine folks who made the canvas covers for the metal rockers (1935 vintage) on our front porch. Check them out if you need that certain fabric for a hawaiian shirt or a muu-muu. I found some great material with palm trees for cushions for my house.

Some of you have noticed that Charleston Hammock is no more. Sorry Rick, we're going to miss ya. We now get our hammocks from Hammocks.com and these folks carry the same fine products and offer the same great prices. Check 'em out and tell them that I said, "hi."

Here's a little off the wall reading material. Christopher Moore is one of my favorite authors. He reminds me of Tom Robbins of "Another Roadside Attraction" and "Cowgirls Get the Blues" fame. These guys drag me back to the 70's. Check out "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore. If you're in a pissy mood this would be just the book to bring you out of it. 4 and 1/2 stars based on 103 reviews on Amazon.com (5 stars is the best)

I'm hooked on Bap Kennedy's music and these two CD's are a must. That is if you like music with a melody and want to understand the words. Not everybody does. Lonely Street by Bap Kennedy (4.5 stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews) Domestic Blues by Bap Kennedy (5 stars based on10 reviews)

We now offer wireless hook up for your laptops. It is a DSL connection and runs reeaaal fast. I guess if you have to work, it might as well be in a hammock or in the porch swing in the gazebo. If you're so inclined, ask at the front desk.

This is my 27th year with the Eden House and I am still having fun. It helps that the Eden House has the best guests in the world. Do me one favor if you would? If you rent a convertible and drive to Key West from Miami, please use LOTS of suntan lotion and use it often. There are still 'COCONUTS' out there that don't and it can really pee on your parade.

If you can't make it down, drop us an e-mail every so often.

-- Mike & Eden House Staff

Stay tuned for updates.
On another note. Don't forget that tofu and ginger in your diet.
Stay in touch, we will.
-- Mike Eden and the gang