Wow! Where do I start? Finally a summer with no hurricanes. It is about time to try to get you caught up with what's new at/with the Eden House and the gang. We are back to nearly normal. You can stop chewing on my butt - our new website is finally done. I hope you like it. It has been Maggie's baby and I think she has done one heck of a job. Completed in time to see her leave. Some of you folks never got to meet her. She is leaving the 15th of November. The Eden House will miss her a ton.

She is off the charts. Her boyfriend, Jeff, proposed and they plan to get married NEXT December. Lucie is with child and is expecting a boy this March. I have included pictures of the staff – lots of new faces. This just might be the 'best' staff ever. I know I have told you this before and broke your heart. Really, these guys are awesome. After such a great summer it is hard to believe that we had seven hurricanes go by or over us the previous two seasons.

I know you are wondering how Bob Germany is doing. Bob and Mary are doing well. He is still enjoying the sunsets from his houseboat. Rumor has it that he will be blessing us with his company for the parade that comes by the Eden House this Friday. That son of a gun has looked death in the face more times than I care to count these past couple years and has some how come out on top each time. I won't go in to detail but believe me it was damn serious.

By all accounts he shouldn't be with us today. Someone up there loves that crazy Texan. We love and miss him here at Eden House. I will be putting a fund raiser for him next month. Yep, another damn Eden House fundraiser. All the money will go to Bob and Mary to help with the massive expenses they have accrued.

Some things never change. By that I mean that Pasha, Leon, Barbara and Gary are still with us. The new faces are of Sam, the new GM. Lynne is the new night manager, and Cheyenne and Elizabeth are our new front desk technicians. Of course, Lucie is here until the little one comes along and then she will be back a couple months later. She is really starting to GLOW. I am still in charge of the music - go figure. Oh yeah. Priscilla, bless her, is still with us. She has to be over twenty years young. Human years, at that.

Lots of you already know that we have finally gotten the 'cook out' area up and running. It is open from noon til dark and we supply the charcoal, utensils, aluminum foil and a sink to wash up. We use a 'chimney' to start the charcoal. The front desk will explain what that is and how it works, if need be. You know the drill, if you bring it with you - take it with you. We are a pain in the ass, aren't we? Just like going to mom's.

We have added a forum to our web site called "The Coconut Telegraph". That is what keywest.com calls it. It is a place on the website to stay in touch with each other. Don't talk dirty. We WILL bust you! I am looking forward it. You can butt in without raising your hand. Hot damn!

We lost a ton of email addresses and if you know anyone from the old days (pretty vague, huh?), ask them to resubmit their email address. If all goes well, we will be in touch a little (a lot) more in the future. That is until you scream UNCLE. Yes, you can unsubscribe and it will be done automatically. Are we running with the big dogs, or what? We love hearing from you as well as seeing you, so drop a line once in a while.

The Eden House has several memberships to the Tropic Cinema at the front desk. You can save $3 off the $9.50 ticket and take a great flick at a great venue. Stadium seating at the larger of the two screens. Get a glass of wine, a cold beer, a latte, season your own popcorn or some 'munchies' and kick back. It don't get any better than this.

I know as soon as this goes out I will remember a dozen things to tell you. Oh well, next month. This is our 32nd year and it is still fun.
See ya, Mike and the gang