Howdy stranger - what ya doing in these parts? It has been awhile, hasn't it? Time to get you caught up on what's new at the Eden House. As you know, we recently added 32inch LCD TV's and now we have added Direct TV. The new channels include Bravo, IFC, Sundance, 4 HBO, 3 ESPN & 2 Encore to name a few. Daniel has run new cable and we are happening. I know our guests prefer a good book to the television but like Ira says, "I only use the TV to go to sleep." Sweet dreams Ira.

A follow up on Elizabeth's greening of the Eden House. We now offer shampoo and conditioner by Nature's Aloe and Neutrogena soap in a dispenser in the showers. We also have Neutrogena body lotion in pump dispensers in each room. No more wrappers and half used bars of soap everywhere. Elizabeth rocks. At least, that's how she would describe it. I also like her line, "that's how I roll".

Eden House has a new web site in the works. I think you are going to be very impressed. Enough said. We will finally be able to add and format the photos in our "family album". Our family album at present is an abomination. Would you please help us out and send your "sick and weary" photos of Eden House, Key West and or flicks that you think might qualify for our new upcoming web section simply called "That was odd". Keep it clean. Coming soon to a computer near you. Send photos to Elizabeth@edenhouse.com.

Mike Mongo's (as he is called by friend and foe) web site is http://ecopathic.blogspot.com. Check it out - It is guaranteed to entertain, enlighten and amuse you. Mike is local color in the vein of years past.

Pasha is in her tenth year with us. She remembers lots of "her guests" as she calls you. And often remembers your special needs. An extra pillow or blanket and whether you want a late or early room straightening. She is a special person and we couldn't do without her. If you think of it - congratulate her when you see her next. We have some new additions to the staff. Josh has joined Daniel in maintenance and we are taking IT to a new level. Josh's girlfriend, Jenna, is working the front with newbie Ashley. Welcome ladies. Kyle is holding down night security. Taffy, Travis and Dale are taking care of the rooms with Pasha. As usual we have been blessed with some of the finest sanitation engineers on the planet. Thanks staff.

With Ashley's help, Eden House have moved to using Baby's Coffee www.babyscoffee.com in the lobby. The coffee is a special blend of coffees from around the world. We grind it fresh as we brew each pot. It is very good and is in a "bottomless" canisters in the lobby. Elizabeth has also added Tazo Tea to our offering. We are not a B & B but good coffee and tea is not too much to ask.

In tough times like we are going through, less fortunate people and pets are often the first forgotten. The Eden House has come up with a plan that might help a little. Here is our proposal. You donate up to two hundred dollars to a non-profit charity of your choice (tax deductible) for the less fortunate (homeless, food bank or animal shelter) and the Eden House will deduct 50% of the total donated from the balance due of your stay with us. Bring your canceled check or receipt with you at check in. Please, only one donation per stay. We will do this through 2009 or until you break the bank. Sound good? Regardless of how small the donation, it will be big to those in need.(Two night minimum stay)Thank you so much.

Here is a web site where you can qualify charities. www.charitynavigator.org There are some real BUMS out there. Always check any charity before donating for any reason. Click here to see some of our favorites.

There are many great causes out there that are run by great folks that can always use our help.

I'd like to take a few minutes and plug Chris' (with partners Rob & Evan) new biz. Chris is Elizabeth's other half. The "B" side of the platter. If you catch my meaning, if you get my drift (another line that I love from Firesign Theatre). Chris and partners/friends has started "Re-Cycle". They can tell you better than I what they are all about. They have my complete support. What a nice concept - a business with a conscience. Hot damn!

We have replaced the furniture in the lobby and a couple people mentioned wanting a piece of it. If anyone was really serious about it drop an email or snail mail. I will get it tented (for termites) and see if we how we can get it to you. We bought it in 1975 and has been in the lobby ever since. I know, it looked it, didn't it?

I have added some new cafes for the "recommendation list". As you know we don't get paid to promote these places but we sure like them and want to share the experience. A couple new favorites are "The Good Life" and "Help Yourself Food". "Help Yourself Food" is a block west of us on Fleming Street at the laundry mat. It's all good. Also a must is "Bad Boy Burrito". One of my favorite joints. Tripadvisor has Azur rated third in Key West. Yes, I am very happy for Azur and eat there often. I am epically partial to Michael's soups. I think Drew (co-owner) sends his love too. Drew is very serious but he was seen smiling last week.

I haven't forgotten the election. Yes, I am overjoyed with the outcome. Enough said. I am taking the high road.

Eden House was blessed (literally, so to speak) by having Lama Migmar stay with us. He is such an extraordinary person and such a joy to be around. Elizabeth and Chris got to hang with him and came away better people for it.

I will close with the quote at the bottom of Elizabeth's email -

~The Purpose of our lives is to be happy.
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Peace, Mike and the gang

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here are this month's winners. Remember you can only win once and it is for the off season. So give it up Sandy Nellans. Yes, you are a winner. We drew a few more postcards this time because, as usual, I am so slow to do anything. Can I blame it on having lived on the "rock" for 34 years?

Allen & Kathy Bontrager of White Pigon, MI
Sandy Nellans of Winone Lake, IN
Joni Eichman of Media, PA
Tammy & Jim Page of Hypoluxo, FL
Gary, Colleen, Izzie & Ela Galushko of Wallingford, CT