JUNE 2004
Yes, its time for an update from Eden and the 'rock'

Most everyone is still here and nobody has been arrested so that is good. Bob just keeps getting younger every day. A friend, Don Sayers, once told me that he looked like an old man when he was young. He said he was a young man in an old man's body. People told him all his life that he was looking great and that he never aged. Hell no, he would say, I have always been old. How did I get on that? Moving right along. Maggie is still kicking butt and taking names as our front desk manager. What did we ever do before PMS (pro Maggie strikes)? I am compiling a list and am on the third page.

Those of you that have crossed Ira's path here at the Eden House will know what a special character he is. It is my pleasure to pass along that he and Betsy have tied the knot. Yep, Betsy is trying to teach that 'old dog' some new tricks. How do you house break someone that old?

We are getting new hammocks and swings from the Hammock Company. Wait 'til you see the bright new colors and they come with the great comfort of the old ones. Check their web site - I know you will love these hot jazzy colors. We are going with the Mahogany Stripe for the hammocks and the Natchez Blue and Oatmeal Strip for the swings. Hot stuff and great prices!

Our Summer Packages and 'summer specials' are happening if you need a little Key West / Eden House fix. Don't worry about hurricanes, the weather channel give us plenty of notice if one heads our way. You can go to our weather page for summer temperatures. During the summer the ocean will be in the low 90's and the nights will get down to low 80's. The diving is the best. And, there is nothing like a midnight swim in the tropics. Shhhh, don't forget we have a 'no noise' policy from 10 PM until 10 AM. As the sign says, "if we don't hear you, we don't see you." So swim (or whatever) quietly.

Just went to the newly opened Tropic Cinema in Key West and loved it. Great stadium seating, lots of interesting/different movies and good vibes. (Had to slip that 70's term in - depending on your age, you will know what I am talking about.) They are located about six blocks from the Eden House. Doesn't that sound good, dinner and a GOOD movie in Old Key West?

I have added a couple new places to our 'recommendations page'. Places like the best Pizza on the island - the Upper Crust. One block from the Eden House on the corner of Fleming and Margaret Streets is the Depot Café. Mike, the owner is always playing great music at the café and his home fries and Chicago style hot dog are the best. Another reason to go there is the fact that Mike, the owner, is a bit of a character himself. Lots of good conservation, especially if you like music. I have added my two favorite places on the island to shop. They are Kindred Spirits (for the cosmic and spiritual) and Besame Mucho (for that out of the ordinary gift). When you have that someone special to buy for, these are the first two places I look. Besame Mucho is right across the street from The Art of Baking by Henrietta. Stop in a get a package (or two) of her world famous 'Coconut Strips'.

Any new music out there blowing your socks off? Drop a line and enlighten me. Any reading material you might want to recommend to the gang? Especially the non mainstream stuff.

Bill has been tweaking our web site and he assures me that all will be complete in a week. That includes TONS of never before seen pictures in our 'family album'. He is only putting the JPG pictures on the page. The Fantasy Fest 'X' pictures are in the vault and you guys, you know who you are, are safe.

I guess I have taken up enough of your time. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know that we are still here and miss you.

-- Love, Mike and the Eden House gang

Stay tuned for updates.
On another note. Don't forget that tofu and ginger in your diet.
Stay in touch, we will
Mike Eden and the gang