JUNE 2008

News in a Nutshell
Weiners | New pair of shoes | Sunscreen | The Modern Pet


Just a short note to say hi and announce this month's wiener. The lucky (or unlucky) person in this months drawing is Bill Raffel. Congrats Bill and Rosie! Thanks for sending in your postcards. We're going to keep doing the drawings for the next year - get off your 'duff' and send us a postcard with your name, address, phone number and email.

Azur Restaurant is doing great and they are expanding their hours.

Carol Mclean won Heather's glass piece in the fundraiser drawing for Bob Germany – we sent you a letter and haven't heard back. Where are you? Please phone home.

I recently bought a new pair of shoes and I am floating on the clouds. Literally. They are MBT. Check out their web site. They look strange but they are amazing. I have a bad left foot, ankle and leg and these shoes make walking an absolute pleasure. This hasn't been the case for years. Oh yea and the warranty is great. The shoes are pricy but worth every penny of it... especially with these old legs.

Here's a little info on sunscreens. Don't forget what John Koch said about sunscreens. Six months after they are open – they are worthless. And can even irritate the skin in some cases.
Check out this
web site for sunscreens found at your local drugstore.

Check out this web site. Audrey has some great stuff for your pets. By stuff I mean; collars, hygiene products, treats, toys and food supplements. All natural. I am going to order some of the dried Buffalo livers. My daughter's dog, Detroit, will love them. Tell Audrey that Mike Eden sends his regards.

This is one heck of an election we got goin' ain't it? VOTE!

Mike and the gang