MAY 2007

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Bob Germany update | Tom Corcoran

I hope everyone is enjoying spring as much as we are here on the 'rock'. Still a bit of a 'cool' breeze in the air. It won't be long until the winds shift and we get the warm tropical breezes out of the southeast. Time to read some Hemingway. All the flowers are in bloom and the staff is a bit on the goofy side - not the innkeeper. I want to share something with you that has been running through my mind lately.


This kind of 'support for our troops' burns my ass. The article is from US News and World Report April 16, 2007, 'cheating our vets';

Here is a link to the Senate's and Houses's email addresses;

Senate email addresses;

How about giving them an ear full? Our congress needs to reclaim their spines and start doing their jobs. The troops are doing their jobs.

Besides, anyone can fund a bridge in Alaska. I have been against this war from the beginning. I was wounded in Vietnam and was/am very thankful for the Veteran's Administration.

Oh, how forty years and a new war can change things. Walter Reed, as it turns out is just the tip of the iceberg. Our wounded veterans are being dumped on and those in Washington just keep smiling, raising money for re-election and giving themselves raises and the best of health care.

These veterans are wounded physically as well as mentally. They need care and support. Not lip service. Enough Bull Shit and blowing smoke.

We, as Americans, have to start speaking up. Speaking up is not un-American and is NOT against our troops. The repercussions of this war will be felt for decades. Our veterans will need help for the rest of their lives. Not to mention their families. This is just one of the many prices of war. The proper gear for combat and taking care of the sick and wounded is CARING FOR THE TROOPS! Enough rambling - start writing!

Write your Senator and TELL them to REALLY CARE for our troops. No more lip service!


Now for the brighter side of my newsletter. Bob Germany is CANCER FREE, as of three weeks ago. He has to go back to the hospital in a month for two days of tests. Keep your fingers crossed. We have raised over $5500 dollars for Bob so far. He was moved to tears when I told how you had responded to the fund raiser. I just reminded him how much you care and what he means to so many of us. We will hold the drawings when we get in the $10,000 range. Well, what are you waiting for? A written invitation? If so, you just got it.


Tom Corcoran's, Alex Rutledge, has been coming to the Eden House for more years than I will admit to remembering. It is time for me to commemorate Alex by naming a room after him. His favorite room – 303.

Rumor has it that Alex is working on a new case and will be back at the Eden House soon. I have heard that the case in Tom's new book might take place on the Elgin Lane (the lane running behind the Eden House). Which can be seen from Alex's room. Check our
Tom's web site.

He is aging well, isn't he? Another rumor from the 'Tom Corcoran Rumor Mill' is that a new book is in the works.

This book will be of Tom's photos of Key West from the 70's til the 90's. I have seen some of the photos and they are great. I plan to have autographed copies available here at Eden and on the web page. Early fall?

Sue of Sue & Roy, the folks that always bring down that great Wisconsin Cheese every April just discovered the 'Coconut Telegraph'.

She is making up for lost time. How about you? I haven't heard from YOU lately.

See ya on the cams. Mike and the gang