Mike’s Opinion

My Opinion… And you are welcome to it. (it doesn’t have to make sense)

A car is not a necessity in Old Key West where the Eden is located. Not to mention that they can be a pain in the butt. If you figure the cost of the rental and the cost of parking (parking is very expensive and limited in Old Town ), the numbers do not work. I have always felt that the less mechanical stuff you have (cars, cell phones, laptops) with you, the better your vacation will be. I think it has to do with the stress factor or something. This is the reason that we do not have clock radios in the rooms. When you know what time it is, the wheels start running and you start thinking – this is a no, no at the Eden House. That is just the way it is.

A cab ride from the airport is $10.50 for one and $15.00 for two ($7.50 each). You can rent bicycles from us or from any of a number other bike rentals on the island. You will still save money and do not have to get into a hot sticky car. Not to mention that you are getting into shape, or you can eat a little extra at lunch (“I only eat like this on vacation”) and you are helping the environment. We are the least expensive bike rental on the island and the most convenient.

If a scooter is more to your liking, then it is off to the Moped Hospital (9 blocks). They will cost you $40 for one person and $65 for a two person scooter for 24 hours. Be very careful because those DARN TOURISTS are terrible drivers! It is never our (the locals) fault.

There is no helmet law in the state of Florida, but children are required to wear one until the age of sixteen. That is on a scooter or bicycle. When on a bicycle, observe the traffic laws. Please don’t drink and drive. It is always better to crawl when in this condition.

At the Eden House we do not have dressers with drawers. Instead we have air conditioned shelves. It is easier to find your clothes this way, and the shelves are always clean from clothes being drug across them. Not to mention that the shelves don’t get that musty smell that is so common to closets in the tropics.

The purpose of our web page is to inform, to entertain, and to qualify us to our guests. By qualifying I mean I want to let you know exactly what you are getting at the Eden House: Less glitz and more funk. This is why we put so much information on our site and frequently add to it. We are a bit off center – clocks in the rooms, no dressers (only shelves), inexpensive alcohol at happy hour, and so on. If you are used to and like ‘chain’ hotels, we are not your cup of tea. If this is the case do yourself, me, and my staff, and the other guests a favor and stay at a ‘chain’ hotel. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t like us when you get here, there is an escape clause in your contract: the Unhappy Guest Policy. It says that if you don’t like the Eden House, stop by the desk and get a refund. No problem. I say this because some recent guests, new to the Eden House, are finding us via Trip Advisor and are being misled by the mostly good reviews. We are not for everyone and don’t want to be. There are numerous lodging options in Key West.

When our guests return to Key West they often look for something other than Duval Street.”Been there, done that.” May I suggest a movie, the theater, a sunset sail, sail/kayak trip on the Danger, drag show or any number of other diversions?

Stay tuned for more opinions . . .

Mike Eden and Staff